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Synonyms for enjoy

take pleasure in or from


  • take pleasure in or from
  • like
  • love
  • appreciate
  • relish
  • delight in
  • revel in
  • be pleased with
  • be fond of
  • be keen on
  • rejoice in
  • be entertained by
  • find pleasure in
  • find satisfaction in
  • take joy in
  • Njoy




enjoy yourself


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Synonyms for enjoy

to receive pleasure from

to have the use or benefit of

to have at one's disposal

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Synonyms for enjoy

derive or receive pleasure from

have benefit from

get pleasure from


Related Words

have for one's benefit

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References in classic literature ?
'The best way to enjoy yourself is to do what is right and hate nobody.
"Well, I can; and I don't see why I should n't enjoy myself as well as Trix."
"Why should n't I enjoy myself as well as the rest?
Since humanity came into being, man hath enjoyed himself too little: that alone, my brethren, is our original sin!
She found it very lovely, and sat down on a cracker keg to enjoy it with a heart full of the innocent sentiment of her years.
"A real sacrifice is giving up something you want or enjoy very much, isn't it?"
Such as the peasant enjoys when his family have been massacred before his eyes, his cottage burnt, his lands laid waste, and he is turned adrift, homeless, penniless, and alone, but free.
The tranquillity which I now enjoyed did not endure.
I should rather enjoy the brickbats and hooting, I think."
"Which did she choose?" asked one of the laughing gentlemen, who enjoyed the subject.
This method, from the time I had begun to apply it, had been to me the source of satisfaction so intense as to lead me to, believe that more perfect or more innocent could not be enjoyed in this life; and as by its means I daily discovered truths that appeared to me of some importance, and of which other men were generally ignorant, the gratification thence arising so occupied my mind that I was wholly indifferent to every other object.
My good priest sat beside me in these rich moments, knotting in his lap the calico handkerchief of the snuff-taker, and entering with tremulous eagerness into my joy in things that he had often before enjoyed. No doubt he had an inexhaustible pleasure in them apart from mine, for I have found my pleasure in them perennial, and have not failed to taste it as often as I have read or repeated any of the great passages of the poem to myself.
"Why, are there balls where one always enjoys oneself?" Anna said, with tender irony.
At the Bobrishtchevs' one always enjoys oneself, and at the Nikitins' too, while at the Mezhkovs' it's always dull.
There for some time he enjoyed the fresh breeze which played on his brow, and listened to the dash of the waves on the beach, that left against the rocks a lace of foam as white as silver.