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the continuation of a syntactic unit from one line of verse into the next line without a pause


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Orr rewrites the stanza in pastoral mode to displace the 'dragon-ridden' days and 'weasels fighting in a hole', but he keeps 'the same enjambments, syntax, rhyme scheme and basic rhythm':
In contrast to the enjambment of "hung" and "listening" in "There Was a Boy," which thematizes the same heightening of attention that it enacts formally, the enjambment in this description of keeping watch contains two opposed readings contingent on the reader's attention: if the attention relaxes, if the reader stops reading at the end of the line, then keeping watch keeps the fear away: it remains a "fear gone by.
He broke into free verse, concocting variable lines and ingenious enjambments, thumbing his nose, like Bly, at the traditional prosody he felt was antithetical to "the new imagination" and free verse.
I should further qualify this statement by saying that Tennyson's enjambments become rarer outside of blank-verse and fixed-line-length contexts, which in a way obviate the need to locate a rationale for the line break.
So enjambment has something to do with the stride or meter of poetry.
The Performance of Enjambments, Perceived Effects, and Experimental Manipulations.
The sentences all unfold in natural word order and the line breaks include two pivotal enjambments in the final four lines, reinforcing the images of the blessing arms and the storm moving through the limbs.
The idiosyncratic enjambments, the enormous caesuras, and the dropped and indented lines allow articulate silences and hesitations into the poem.
Reading Creeley's poem back then, and even now, retyping his aggressively teeny lines with their ferocious enjambments, one realized that this was the work of a man determined to frustrate the expectations of his audience.
Some awkward syntactical constructions and enjambments are created by mispunctuation (lines 146-7, 1775, 3400), and the punctuation of the original text is sometimes curious by English standards (lines 923, 1497, 2119, 3540).
The tenuous balance on which life and death hang is reproduced both by way of reiterations and enjambments (which convey a sense of continuity) and, on a visual level, by the blank spaces that divide the six couplets, through which a sense of interruption is conveyed.
These adroit enjambments show just how expressive and sure Moore's line arrangements can be.
There is no Mars without Venus, I decided; the 16 glimpses of greens Valles Marineris offers are Venuses pressing through Martian enjambments of dark, Venuses rising, minus the seashells (and minus the Venuses), from Botticelli's oceans.
I turned the red lights into stanza breaks, the stop signs into end-stopped lines, and yield signs into enjambments.
The tension of his abrupt enjambments, the stuttered definitions, shifting vectors in syntax, which cut by line breaks, knotted by anacoluthon (to effect metaphor of locutions rather than images), yet ends up, like a magician's rope, in one piece--these haunt me with felt time: argons of alert animality pacing in thought.