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the continuation of a syntactic unit from one line of verse into the next line without a pause


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In contrast to the enjambment of "hung" and "listening" in "There Was a Boy," which thematizes the same heightening of attention that it enacts formally, the enjambment in this description of keeping watch contains two opposed readings contingent on the reader's attention: if the attention relaxes, if the reader stops reading at the end of the line, then keeping watch keeps the fear away: it remains a "fear gone by.
26) I refer here to so-called "hard" enjambment, which breaks up rather than reinforces the grammatical phrase.
Warren's use of enjambment holds out sleep as a place of refuge and means of recovery, like the emergency rations mentioned in the same line, but the following line reveals that sleep is just as dangerous to our personal safety.
This fact is significant given that the sentences surrounding it use enjambment freely.
Enjambment also lends itself to sentence structures closer to speech, and thus generally devoid of the convoluted word ordering required to produce rhyming end-stopped lines.
Thus, the essence of poetry for Agamben is enjambment, the negative space that separates otherwise continuous communicative units.
This rhetorical alertness complements his preference for enjambment in poems like "And What if Every Cuss Word Was a Sin":
So enjambment has something to do with the stride or meter of poetry.
Through its author's deft use of enjambment, cadence and sonic patterning, the poem captures a private moment, even as its speaker constructs a public persona.
IF you're not a-verse to a nice couplet of tea and an enjambment sandwich then look no further than Liverpool's own poetry cafe.
When one is confronted by these repeated assertions about the absence of God in the world, and when one notices the rough hewn use of enjambment that breaks the lines like the fractured hopes and prayers offered in such poems, one suspects that the persona has become an agnostic.
168-93), McDonald upholds Buckingham's speech, without further examination, as a "showcase for the late Shakespearean style, displaying most of its hyperbatonic properties: intrusions, elliptical phrases, embedded clauses, loose connections among grammatical elements, regular enjambment, numerous light and weak endings, playfulness with caesurae, stops near the end of the line, all this amounting to a kind of jagged music, but music nonetheless" (138).
In the past, Saatchi had help with installation from his list artists, notably Hirst (a definite master of allegorical enjambment, though this time he was too busy preparing his "murderme collection"--"In the darkest hour there may be light"--for the Serpentine Gallery through January 28).
The inverted syntax, enjambment, and internal rhyme crash consonants together.
The following translations of three of de Haan's poems endeavour to maintain the archaic usage, the syllable and rhyme patterns, alliteration, enjambment, primary images, word-play, and other elements of de Haan's literary style.