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the continuation of a syntactic unit from one line of verse into the next line without a pause


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a) The general gravitation of words (their attraction/repulsion), manifested in phrasal continuity, enjambments or--as in projective and concrete poetry--a field of forces guiding the distribution of words.
To use one of Walter Ong's preferred expressions, the "additive" nature of the lines in the romances (which is clearly well marked by syllabic definition and a typical closing rhythm) draws them much closer to The Iliad and The Odyssey, when it comes to the configuration of enjambment found in them, than to slightly later written poetry, as will be demonstrated.
36) This happens more frequently than enjambment at the end of the line.
In this poem, enjambment is where the surprise lives
In contrast to the enjambment of "hung" and "listening" in "There Was a Boy," which thematizes the same heightening of attention that it enacts formally, the enjambment in this description of keeping watch contains two opposed readings contingent on the reader's attention: if the attention relaxes, if the reader stops reading at the end of the line, then keeping watch keeps the fear away: it remains a "fear gone by.
Part Three of the volume, "Patience and Time," continues themes raised in Part Two, and in the volume's most moving poem, terse and brittle with enjambment, Montague summons not his grandparents but the aunts who raised him.
This is blank verse loosened by the substitution of a three-syllable foot for a two-syllable foot or an inversion of an iamb into a trochee or an equalization of an iamb into a spondee in every line and sometimes in enjambment (the anapestic "But I / Hate").
Likewise Williams's use of enjambment evokes the lumbering cadences of provincial American speech, making the poem seem less like a refined meditation than an improvised monologue.
29-37, seeking to show how patterns of stress, enjambment, and verse paragraphing help create the unusual sense of authority he detects in this passage.
The stunning enjambment allows the "something" of "something you forgot you were" to emerge, so that "you," as reader and addressee, encounter a forgotten self or way of being as concrete and memorable.
What defines poetry, according to Agamben and others, is the possibility of enjambment.
She describes the Irish poet's use of enjambment as resembling "a jump cut in film," and adds that McGuckian's work has led to some of the "more cinematic qualities" of her own poetry.
Thus, the essence of poetry for Agamben is enjambment, the negative space that separates otherwise continuous communicative units.
The other affordance of the Spenserian stanza is, of course, its strong closure: the terminal alexandrine decisively ends the unit--so decisively, indeed, that there is essentially no enjambment across stanzas anywhere in The faerie queene.
34) German enjambment meaning "Director Concept Productions"