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Synonyms for enjambement

the continuation of a syntactic unit from one line of verse into the next line without a pause


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As is usual in the Decameron, the brigata's comments appear under the rubric of the following tale, in the text which marks the transition from one tale to the next, a form of narrative enjambement.
Maar die idee-inhoud word ook beinvloed deur reelbreuke: Ek het soms dae lank oor een enkele enjambement getob, veral by die Engels.
7) In Eden meridionale the intriguing croccante/piante rhyme causes the synesthesia and striking enjambement croccante/eternita marina thus intensifying the poem's the creative verve.
This is particularly apparent in matters of enjambement and transitions on the same rhyme, features which Rychner correctly identifies as imparting souplesse and aisance to the versification, by comparison with `la progression elementaire par couplets d'octosyllabes'.
As the lyric deploys a dizzying series of possessive adjectives, the reciprocity of their love obliterates the outside world ("Nulla"), and at the same moment displays its own finality with the oxymoric enjambement "effimero/eterno.
March's regularly divided, end-stopped lines are the antithesis of Petrarch's with their frequent enjambement and plethora of synaloepha, the latter often fusing the words at the highly mobile caesura.
The fluidity of the strophe and the natural thematic progression in the two quatrains of the octave are further enhanced by the enjambement after the first hemistich of the third line.
Little-considered phenomena such as word separation and punctuation prove to have rich implications, with the former potentially indicating reception and the latter occasionally signalling enjambement and other techniques.
5) Uit die ontleding van Du Ptessis se ander liedere word dit duidelik dat hy soms te veel waarde beg aan die versreel as eenheid, en dat hy daardeur die betekenis van die enjambement verskraal (Van der Mescht, 1987:21-24).
There is even a kind of (serious) playfulness, in the rhythmic tilt of enjambement in the plain poems, as in the very outrageousness with which chunks of language from just about everywhere are cast against each other in the big pieces.
This phrase, complete with the enjambement, is also found in Nirala's most explicitly nationalist poem "Maharaj Sivaji ka Patra": charo kab ksatriyo ne apna bhag?
Voor hem is de segmentatie van poezie het enige duidelijk aantoonbare verschil tussen beide hoofdgenres (McHale, 2009:14), en juist die segmentatie maakt het enjambement mogelijk.
Indeed, by making such scant use of the caesura, enjambement, and other rhythmic disruptions, and by piling up appositional and participial phrases, as though every statement had to be qualified, the verse movement becomes clogged in a numbing regularity, with almost one adjective per noun.
With the exception perhaps of wordplay there is nothing controversial about this list; more permissive is the range of rhetorical and structural patterns admitted to the canon in chapter 5, which covers variation, structural interlace, envelope patterns, formulism, enjambement, parataxis, parenthesis, catalogues, anaphora, antithesis, and litotes.
23) When the enjambement of 'your body/ [t]emperature' disturbs and denies this very self-hood, Longley underlines the incorporeality of the after-world.