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Synonyms for enjambment

the continuation of a syntactic unit from one line of verse into the next line without a pause


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Think stanza: even if it contains parts of enjambed lines, the stanza as item takes on meaning of its own.
Only the breaks between lines 4 and 5, and 7 and 8, are not enjambed. Willliams is also careful to include a plural noun ("chickens") with definite reference ("the").
Even the enjambed line of "in this field, your absence; the sun" testifies that the darkness of loss contains light.
...climb inside the piano of your wiring: string pull, vibrate & stretch through the muted organ of your oh, your yes, your baby, grand Perhaps Winrock's signature subversion, however, is her use of nouns as verbs, which feel at once strange and wildly precise--"If it's romantic to architect a thing // back into its bones--: imagine us in ruins / from the start." Unlike many other opulent poets of her generation, who often value fluidity of movement as much as they worship excess, Winrock makes poems that fracture to live--colons break up sentences ("Check : unconsciousness : for the romance"), backslashes crack open words ("In/Ferno Black/Out"), and words are cleaved along enjambed lines ("a blinked eye-/ lash", "across bridges and sound-/ board", "a charm of humming-/ birds").
(Brooks 1994, 66) This is no conventional blazon, where the speaker offers an inventory of his beloved's beauty, praising the redness of her lips, the blueness of her eyes, or the grace of her arms; the soldier-speaker details the grim way war, not love, will reduce him to "eyes," "legs," and "heart." The switch from the earlier end-stopped certainty to the vertigo of these enjambed lines signals the perilous shift from the prewar to the postwar environment.
The assonance ("brain" and"raised", "fish" and"hyacinth", "rapture" and"first", "regret" and"breath", and so on) create another kind of sonicreconciliation that works to inform the music, a counterpoint to theforward motion of the enjambed lines, thus creating a multi-dimensional,textured sonic experience.
Except for the stychomythia in the exchange, there is no essential difference in rhetorical patterning, the use of balance and antithesis within the couplet, in passages like these: As Vickers points out, one distinction between the couplets in 4.5 and those in 4.6-4.7 is the proportion of end-stopped and enjambed couplets.
In this context, the fifth stanza's enjambed lines, their arguments overrunning the limits of tetrameter lineation, figure her rebellious agency.
An irritable tone echoes off the enjambed and brusque lines and off antagonistic adjectives like "militantly", "wild", "glowering", and similarly aggressive nouns like "whips" and "slogans".
Warren is clearly still intrigued by the idea of unity achieved through loss of self, but the violent tone and the enjambed "Perhaps" imply that he no longer regards the loss of self uncritically.
The poems are more enjambed now, more speedy, more relaxed.
When he chooses instead to foreground the externality of experience and perception, he'll stand outside those places of enjambed consciousness and illuminate the edges.
Let's avoid turning this survey into an exercise in perversity, a childish game: I've chosen to quote Darwish in his prose-poems, and the others, the original Others, enjambed. The man "already quite scarce" is the Israeli poet Dan Pagis.
His lean, enjambed lines mimic a bop line, rapid movement, a melody that has only a few notes.