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not clear to the understanding

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Casaubon was quitting her that Naumann had first seen her, and he had entered the long gallery of sculpture at the same time with her; but here Naumann had to await Ladislaw with whom he was to settle a bet of champagne about an enigmatical mediaeval-looking figure there.
A young and rather scared looking nurse appeared with a bottle which she proffered to Nibs, who waved her towards Cynthia with the somewhat enigmatical remark:
He had become enigmatical and touching, in virtue of that mysterious cause that had driven him through the night and through the thunderstorm to the shelter of the schooner's cuddy.
To Nathalie Haldin, her brother with his Petersburg existence, not enigmatical in the least (there could be no doubt of what he felt or thought) but conducted a little mysteriously, was the only visible representative of a proscribed liberty.
For me, I silently recalled the mysterious shadows I had seen creeping on board the Pequod during the dim Nantucket dawn, as well as the enigmatical hintings of the unaccountable Elijah.
Your language is enigmatical, sir: but though I am bewildered, I am certainly not afraid.
Linton shivered, and glanced at her, half supplicating, half ashamed; but his cousin's patience was not sufficient to endure this enigmatical behaviour.
The person appearance of the enigmatical stranger suggested additional perplexities.
As this enigmatical character enters the house looking for a job, news is blown in through the door of a murder in the woods nearby, where the corpse has been decapitated.
Of course, not all of the various purposes upon which the EITC is built are obsolete, and the EITC remains extraordinarily useful despite its enigmatical structure.
By killing Hermine he finally suffers an enigmatical defeat, and denies himself the fulfillment.
The drawing alone, more often than not, is enigmatical, but in conjunction with the surprising title beneath it becomes explosively funny.
The progress of the romance was seen to be interrupted by a number of enigmatical sayings, the explanation of which could be expected only from men of certain departments--such as artists, literati, and scientists--and which greatly annoyed all other readers" (Goethe 396).