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Synonyms for enigmatic

Synonyms for enigmatic

Synonyms for enigmatic

not clear to the understanding

resembling an oracle in obscurity of thought


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Enigmatic Investments, owned by British Becap Fund LP, offered to buy Clarity at GBP0.
Attempting to find personal transformation in these signifiers, Charlotte in particular tries to discover meaning in the enigmatic Asian world.
But, surely, there aren't any horses less enigmatic than the Budapest Bullet, a sobriquet coined in this column and regrettably unpatented.
But enigmatic also because Keynes himself was never with us.
Because of the weather conditions changing, Bosphorus take enigmatic position and give wonderful landscapes.
In the subsequent years I spent at Columbia, witnessing Professor Riffaterre's dedication both to his work and to helping young scholars with theirs, it seemed that what I had come to consider as his enigmatic persona was simply his teaching.
All are enigmatic, some riddles and others only riddle-like in how they simultaneously give and withhold information.
Shohreh Aghdashloo, an Oscar nominee three years ago for ``House of Sand and Fog,'' appears as the enigmatic Charlie, who dispatches Bobby on his jobs.
At that point, developers and mayors could see the economic logic of the sculptural gesture (with its many enigmatic signifiers), and the same method was applied to any and every building type.
Searching for an elixir of youth, she munches down dumplings made by the enigmatic Mei (Bai Ling).
Iarovici's unique writing style is enigmatic and tenacious, giving the reader a vivid and enrapturing concept of the enrapturing stories sure to engage them, making American Dreaming a very highly recommended read, perfect for the general fiction reader, particularly those with an interest in the alienating culture of modern America.
Reygadas attracted immediate attention in 2002 for his notably confident and achieved debut, Japon (Japan), a minimal yet unpredictable movie in which every interaction is at once elemental and enigmatic.
Ranjodh Gill, author of the editorial published in the July 2005 issue of the Southern Medical Journal entitled "Hypoglycemia--An Enigmatic Dilemma," that "for best diagnostic yield, patients should undergo testing during an episode of spontaneous hypoglycemia.
who has been selected by President Bush to fill the Supreme Court vacancy created by Sandra Day O'Connor's resignation, has been described as a conservative-leaning jurist with a thin and enigmatic record.
The music, by David Morrow and Thom Willems, is correspondingly intermittent, with long notes of chords that add to the dreamlike unreality of the atmosphere--as do the enigmatic phrases projected on the back wall: "Resembling Dawn," "An explosion, too distant to be heard," "His last afternoon as himself.