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In addition to developer productivity enhancements such as tight integration with Visual Studio and improved business intelligence development tools, SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 includes many new and enhanced features in database programmability such as improved T-SQL exception handling, enhanced XML support, tighter integration with the Microsoft .
To date, Heller's Credit enhancement opportunities have generally taken three forms: 1) converting high fixed-rate tax free bonds to low floaters to significantly reduce debt service; 2) providing aggressive leverage for the acquisition of projects driven by the benefits of inexpensive low floater financing; and 3) re-enhancing existing projects based on based on today's economics, given the previous enhancer's willingness to accept a discount.
Nano-Tex is a leading fabric innovation company providing nanotechnology-based textile enhancements to the apparel and commercial interiors markets.
28 site enhancements in the Augusta area, and a new site in nearby Aiken, SC (provides additional coverage along Hwy 278 and Hwy 302)
In Georgia and Alabama in 2005, Verizon Wireless has invested more than $150 million in network enhancements to stay ahead of the growing demand for Verizon Wireless products and services in this area.
In Georgia alone to date in 2005, Verizon Wireless has invested over $100 million in network enhancements to stay ahead of the growing demand for Verizon Wireless products and services in Georgia.
Examples of entities that have used the CalSTRS credit enhancement program for their projects include the Port of Long Beach, the City of Vallejo and the Pasadena Rose Bowl.
In this current release, Salesnet is introducing over 50 direct feature product enhancements to its flagship on-demand CRM solution, each geared toward their enterprise customers.
This release offers enhancements to further assist our clients as they seek ways to improve their member and customer relationships, and their ability to offer them superior service," said Open Solutions Senior Product Manager Esther D'Albero.
The DTE technology in the FS-4 recorder meets the very stringent requirements set by our consumers, which is why we chose to work with Focus Enhancements.
ATLANTA -- The Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG), the world's largest knowledgebase for Oracle(R) Applications users, announced that its Enhancements Request System (ERS) pilot program is now underway for its Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and Order Management special interest groups (SIG).
MINNEAPOLIS -- Sponsored by FOCUS Enhancements -- Manufacturers of the Firefly MC: A Key Component of Best Buy's In-Store Media Strategy
The FOCUS Enhancements UWB chipset will enable radio transmitting and receiving of wireless video.
Visual Circuits, recently acquired by FOCUS Enhancements, (Nasdaq:FCSE), today announced that Best Buy has selected the Firefly MC network digital media player as the standard appliance in supporting their in-store digital media strategy.
Having DHA select the FireStore solution for its tapeless recording needs is a major endorsement for our technology," said Frithjof Becker, European sales manager for FOCUS Enhancements.