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Synonyms for enhance

Synonyms for enhance

to endow with beauty and elegance by way of a notable addition

to look good on or with

to make greater in intensity or severity

to increase or seek to increase the importance or reputation of by favorable publicity

Synonyms for enhance

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However, the OC did confirm the withdrawal of Enhance teams from the forthcoming season.
The WisdomTree Yield Enhanced Global Aggregate Bond Fund tracks the underlying index which employs a systematic methodology to enhance potential yield at the sector and global level by taking advantage of opportunities that exist between currency blocks and abiding by disciplined risk constraints.
Muscat: Sinha defeated Enhance Oman by one wicket in a thrilling Muscat Pharmacy & Stores-sponsored Premier Division match played at the Ministry of Sports Affairs Gound I on Friday.
The partnership will enable Enhance Technology to offer a complete line of world-class DR, backup and business continuity solutions aimed at SMB, SME and remote office/branch office (ROBO) users.
He said that ministry is working hard under the directives of UAE leadership and government, to enhance and improve the services provided to the public.
Fairborne Energy Ltd (TSX: FEL), a Canada-based oil and natural gas company, has entered into a definitive agreement to develop and implement a CO2 enhanced oil recovery project with Enhance Energy, Inc (Enhance).
While learning to work with others may challenge students used to being leaders and individual achievers, it may also enhance the learning experience for students who have not thrived in social situations, those the coaches described as introverted, in need of better speaking skills, or "geeky and awkward." Experiencing camaraderie and developing confidence through team competition can be very positive experiences for socially awkward students, as our coaching experience also indicates.
To further enhance member services, FERF has reached out to the FEI chapters to develop professional development sessions based on our research reports.
PC Rebuilders, Chicago, has been awarded $62,200 to expand and enhance its computer de-manufacturing and refurbishing capabilities.
Thus, government policies to enhance overall productivity will help maintain living standards, despite a shrinking labor force.
The result is a single, integrated combat system that enhances soldier performance in all critical areas: increased effectiveness, decreased load, improved mission flexibility, and greater survivability.
DuraGrip TPE is said to be a versatile material that enhances consumer or light industrial products through its elastomeric properties and features, including, when needed, a soft-touch feel.
Many people who use devices or drugs to enhance sexual experience also engage in other behaviors that may increase their STD risk, according to results of a 2003-2004 telephone survey of Seattle-area 18-39-year-olds.(1) Nearly three in 10 of the 1,114 sexually active respondents reported using a sex toy at least once in a typical four-week period, and more than one in 10 a drug to enhance sexual pleasure (most often, alcohol, marijuana, ecstasy or sildenafil).
This will increase safety, improve visibility for audiences and enhance performances, promoting recreation and appreciation for the arts.