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Synonyms for engrossment

total occupation of the attention or of the mind

Synonyms for engrossment

the mental state of being preoccupied by something

the quality of being intent and concentrated

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However, he or she cannot reach the level of total immersion directly, as the level of engrossment must be achieved first.
Overcoming these barriers, the player is already engaged in the game, and to reach the second stage, engrossment, he should overcome the barrier of the game construction, which refers to its look, interesting tasks, and the plot.
Participation in these popular recreations would have been important in formulating and consolidating the social ties that bound such people together, although these would ultimately have come under threat as the continued effects of enclosure and engrossment meant that some parishioners profited, whereas others lost out.
In both the city and the cinema, intermittent motion normally remains invisible, but Menken explicates this motion, weaving it into the rhythmic composition of the film and relating it to larger themes of cinematic and urban spectacle and engrossment.
NNA - The artillery of Hezbollah is supposed to support the Lebanese state in the framework of a defence strategy lead by the LAF, said Amine Gemayel Sunday as he wondered at the odd actions of the Islamic Resistance and cautioned that Hezbollah's engrossment in Syria has placed it and Lebanon in great peril.
4) and contrasts this with anthropology's enduring and multifaceted engrossment with witches.
Bradley writing in 1886: 'Any function whatever of the body or the mind will be active attention if it is prompted by an interest and brings about the result of our engrossment with its product.
The House's Gephardt rule, triggered by the adoption of the conference report on the budget resolution, resulted in the automatic engrossment of a joint resolution (in this case, H.
Engrossment refers to the one's desire to understand the person's, who is cared-for, physical and personal situation.
In fact, the films' engrossment with political features can help intersect any governmental boundaries China may face in trying to spread its power (Teo, 2011).
But Koppelman is nonetheless onto something: the state does redistribute wealth upward in a wide variety of ways, from massive theft and land engrossment to intellectual property privileges to subsidies to bailouts to licensing rules to building codes to zoning regulations to sales taxes to limits on access to land and capital-all tend to make and keep people poor.
The graphic format also encourages a certain temporal visual movement that combines advancing and tarrying through text and images, punctuating the wandering state as a form or resistance to speed, where the act of contemplating or 'sight-seeing' a particular event overtakes textual engrossment.
Efficacious people foster intrinsic interest and deep engrossment in activities and maintain strong commitment to them.
As Noddings reminds us, "The engrossment or attention [of the student] may last only a few moments, and it may or may not be repeated in future encounters, but it is full and essential in any caring encounter" (1992).
Containing 38 illustrations, this collection of Desmazieres' exquisite rare etchings in color accompanied by Mauries' text explore the engrossment Browne and other collectors have had with accumulating recondite objects and how these curiosities have entered the mainstream, becoming emblems of the vanity of earthly life and the constraints of mortality.