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Synonyms for engrossment

total occupation of the attention or of the mind

Synonyms for engrossment

the mental state of being preoccupied by something

the quality of being intent and concentrated

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Unlike the rest of the film, this sequence is shot indoors and in black and white and so it may at first seem out of place in the film's overall composition, but I would like to suggest that it offers poignant focus on themes of engrossment and spectacle.
Evaluating the collected data we argue that psychologically Work Engagement manifests as active engrossment in the given task.
In time, however, this veneration was overshadowed by Choson's engrossment in neo-Confucianism, the worldview that Koreans eagerly participated in throughout the dynasty.
For Tesla's juvenile engrossment with the Serbian national poetry, see Nikola Tesla, My inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla, (New York: Barnes and Noble Books, 1995), 46.
His engrossment in the minutiae of an essentially trivial pursuit has oft been derided and lampooned - mainly by me - but it didn't stop the encyclopaedic JR from snaffling half a million quid from under the nose of Chris Tarrant a few years back.
The "devotional" mode which links Threnody to its predecessor elicits an engrossment in the individual shot that would draw the viewer "to participate in its presence" so that the subsequent cut might induce a "visceral" shift in the most "tender" manner.
Both may be characterized by engrossment and reciprocity.
It is strange that the above scene from Two on a Tower does not feature more prominently in a book dedicated to illustrating how literature reflects, according to Murphy, the 'Victorian engrossment with science and gender' (1).
His aim was to 'describe the processes of socioeconomic change', especially engrossment, in the village's life and institutions over this 600 year period.
The stereotypies seen in these children were associated especially with periods of engrossment such as when playing a game or participating in an activity, but also at times of excitement, stress, fatigue, and boredom.
Engrossment revisited: Fathers are still falling in love with their newborn babies.
Engrossment, as Locke uses the term, means unjustly acquiring most or all of something at the expense of other holders of common rights.
71-79), along with the general portrait he draws of his life, undoubtedly reflects on the upheaval in agricultural practices that continued apace in the closing decades of the sixteenth century, particularly the consequences of the twin practices of engrossment and enclosure.
They claim engrossment releases feel-good hormones in dad as well as in baby and the best way to encourage it is for dads to bath their babies.
This direct experience is linked to two phenomena: ineffability connected with the need to minimize communication effort and secondly, engrossment ("[o]n the addressee's side, to become engrossed in the event is to experience it vividly", Clark and Gerrig 1990: 794).