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  • verb

Synonyms for engross

to occupy the full attention of

to form letters, characters, or words on a surface with an instrument

Synonyms for engross

consume all of one's attention or time

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The two engaging main characters narrate alternate chapters, unfolding an engrossingly realistic plot that pulls no punches in its tale of an all-too-pervasive problem.
Directed by Scott Cooper, whose debut film Crazy Heart (2010) finally turned its veteran star Jeff Bridges into a best actor Oscar winner, the hand-held camera-work overseen by Japanese cinematographer Masanobu Takayanagi (Silver Linings Playbook) is of an engrossingly high standard.
Directed by Scott Cooper the hand-held camera-work overseen by Japanese cinematographer Masanobu Takayanagi (Silver Linings Playbook) is of an engrossingly high standard.
Opens Friday THE STARS Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey THE VERDICT An engrossingly look at the African-American struggle for civil rights as seen from a unique perspective - through the eyes of Cecil Gaines (Whitaker), a gentle man who rises from a racist house in segregated Georgia to a job in the White House for presidents including Kennedy, Eisenhower and Reagan.
Daly engrossingly shows the inevitable progression of electricity from a novelty to its role in the criminal justice system: New York's 1882 Electrical Execution Act that ended the use of hanging for capital punishment.
Of late, many of my trysts with man-machine romances have turned out to be recipes for engrossingly vague philosophical discussions.
This is a splendid book: highly readable, engrossingly narrated, and altogether compelling.
It describes the roll-up-your-sleeves-and-give-it-a-try effort embraced by people infected by "foodthusiasm," which engages people from many different ages, backgrounds and motivations, and works with them on projects that are at once engrossingly practical and intensely transformative.
ItAAEs a significant contribution to our understanding of ourselves and engrossingly enjoyable.
In close conjunction, issues of German Judaism past and present are engrossingly reconsidered.
More recent episodes have focused more on the engrossingly complex plots and the stylish production values, including the three-way split screen effect.
Peter Kemp has even argued that "No late-twentieth-century British novelist has written of history more variously, more thought-provokingly, more engrossingly, and with more humane commitment" (367).
The biography goes on to engrossingly survey Galbraith's life as a Harvard professor, presidential adviser, and household-name author, but his link to the news media commands our attention in its own right.
Joe's resentment - and his former colleagues' resentment of him - is engrossingly visceral.
What emerges instead--honorably, engrossingly, if not always intentionally--is a book at war with itself.