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Synonyms for engrossed

Synonyms for engrossed

giving or marked by complete attention to

written formally in a large clear script, as a deed or other legal document

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According to reports in the Hindustan Times , Dolui and Tanti did not notice the train hurtling towards them as they were engrossed in shooting the video which was being shot on the tracks between Dum Dum and Belghoria in the northern suburbs of Kolkata.
The Federation of American Scientists has posted a copy of a Congressional Research Service report, dated May 4, confirming that the engrossed version of H.
The novel is fast paced, with enough dead ends, twists and bends to keep a mystery reader engrossed.
Each of the nine photographs in this show (there are ten in the series so far) features a solitary individual engrossed in the pursuit of an altered, presumably higher state of consciousness.
GRANADA HILLS - Pacoima mom Ana Isabel Torres remembers getting ready for work before dawn and finding her teenage son still studying from the night before - the budding mathematician engrossed in the principles of patience and persistence.
It is a mystery that will keep readers engrossed and guessing until the book's final pages.
Their journey to the old family estate and their travels throughout Iceland reveal the concurrent stories of four generations--and the source of stories which have engrossed Sally Magnusson since childhood, drawing readers into DREAMING OF ICELAND's cultural and family heritage.
The Sheltons had not originally planned to ride out the storm, but they became so engrossed in being good neighbors that they ran out of time to evacuate.
I had what some might call an epiphany: I am completely engrossed in the physical.
Chris Marshall (Ralph Fiennes) is the prince-like congressman who mistakes Lopez for one of his hotel's wealthy guests and soon finds himself enamored of her charms, engrossed by her politics, and enchanted by her precocious son (Tyler Posey).
maybe it's for you chicas who are more engrossed in IMing and are tired of risky music sharing programs and time-consuming music downloads.
The pair arrive with their mothers at a fire department training exercise at a vacant house on Coburg Road near Willakenzie Road Friday afternoon for an impromptu lesson in fire safety but were soon engrossed in a picture book in an adjacent parking lot.
Pottenger builds image upon image so that through our understanding of people and their work we become engrossed in how the tunnel is built.
The titillation of McClintick's naming names - crooked lawyers, money-laundering bankers, inept DEA officials engrossed in petty disputes, several of whom still live in the area - has not been enough to draw people into local bookstores.
I've been too engrossed in this project for the past 10 years.