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Synonyms for engrave

Synonyms for engrave

to cut (a design or inscription) into a hard surface, especially for printing

to produce a deep impression of

Synonyms for engrave

carve, cut, or etch into a material or surface

impress or affect deeply

carve or cut into a block used for printing or print from such a block

carve or cut a design or letters into

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Small details in the printed scores show, however, that the Ricordi engravers were still in the beginning stages of developing a consistent style and clean appearance.
Montgomery Engravers specialises in screen printing, chemically etching and machine engraving signs, nameplates and labels on materials such as stainless steel, brass, aluminium, laminated plastics and self-adhesive PVC.
And names, including engraver Thomas Bewick and MP Cuthbert Ellison, will be making their way on to street signs around the town centre.
Susan is represented by the Balman Gallery, based in Corbridge, Northumberland, which will be showing work from a number of its artists, including Durham-based wood engraver and oil painter Alastair Lovett, whose art is motivated by his desire to seek out the unexplored in even the smallest experience.
North Belfast SDLP Assembly member Alban Maginnis made the comment after two men ran amok in Kavanagh's Engravers on Gresham Street in the city on Monday.
As the secretary of an organisation based in Goathland, I ordered a watch which was to be engraved through the Ace Engravers.
Part of the International Festival of Glass, which runs from August 22 to 25, the collection includes work from the Guild of Glass Engravers as well as renowned glass artists Katherine Coleman and James Denison- Pender.
The engravers can be used on materials such as steel and hard aluminum.
Carolina Roll Engravers manufactures precision engraved rolls to a variety of industries and markets including paper, film, foil, leather, fabric, nonwovens and vinyl.
This is a biography of one of the most skilled engravers, someone who was a 'plain, no-nonsense man' and someone who was remarkably talented.
Ruger six guns offer a special challenge for engravers due to some parts being heat-treated to specs so hard the engraver will have to anneal them before cutting.
Reno is the place to be to see the finest custom firearms made by America's leading individual craftsmen and engravers.
The winning raffle ticket is drawn on the final day of the annual ACGG/Firearms Engravers Guild of America (FEGA) combined Exhibition, naming the lucky winner.
Engravers use hand tools or machinery to cut into the surface of glass or metal objects.
Grimes Engravers was founded just after the end of World War II, setting up home in a shop in the Morgan Arcade.