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machinery consisting of engines collectively

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Yong-Jin Hu of MULTIPLAS Enginery Corporation Limited in Taoyuan, Taiwan.
once completed the project basic enginery to produce upgraded crude oil,
Rozenbliumas moved to Vilnius and became the head of Special Constructions department in the Vilnius Building Enginery Institute (now Vilnius Gediminas Technical University).
We Americans have] an opportunity to illustrate how nations may be governed without wars and without waste, and how the great mass of men's earnings may be applied, not to the machinery of government, or the rewarding of office-holders, or the wasteful activities and enginery of war, but to the comforts and charities of life and to all nobler ends of human existence,--so, I say, to our country .
The tragic protagonists "must perish, and there is no over-god to stop or to mollify this hideous enginery that grinds or thunders, and snatches them up into its terrible system.
Il peut etre interessant de remarquer qu'il exista, dans l'ancien francais, le mot [much less than] engeignerie [much greater than] (ou [much less than] engignerie [much greater than]), parent de l'ancien mot anglais [much less than] enginery [much greater than] (machinerie, machination) qui devint finalement [much less than] engineering [much greater than].