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a technical school offering instruction in many industrial arts and applied sciences

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Today, it claims to be the biggest engineering school in the Philippines with at least 15,000 students.
Our collaboration with the Rutgers Engineering School has been very productive in helping us to prepare for the future in delivering the highest quality medicines in the most efficient way," said Mauricio Futran, vice president, advanced technology, Janssen Manufacturing & Technical Operations.
The Escola Politecnica da USP, in Sao Paulo, whose history spans over 120 years, is the most comprehensive engineering school and serves as a reference in the region.
Aguilar said that the engineering school is in addition to the four-year business free college education being afforded to another 2,000 poor but deserving students at the Dr.
The Elsevier Engineering School Edition is reportedly a new offer to provide independent engineering schools with access to two engineering information sources in one package.
Olin Foundation and its trustees, who for years financed projects at dozens of engineering schools, decided to invest $460 million to start a new college of their own.
Meili & Peter's new building for a Swiss timber engineering school in Biel challenges preconceptions of wood architecture through its large scale, abstract language and extensive employment of prefabricated elements.
You probably learned in engineering school how plastics processing used to be a series of cycles of heating and cooling, melting and solidifying--first to make a pellet, then a shape, and if that shape was sheet, then one more time to form a part.
The faculty of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering school has made significant contributions to satisfying the requirements of engineers for the industrialization and modernization in Vietnam since its founding in 1957;
Sprachheilschule KEnthe Kollwitz sanitary engineering school, Karl Vogel-StraE-e 17/19, Leipzig sanitary engineering school.
The entire Fourth Avenue block front where the engineering school now stands--bounded by 9th and 10th Streets, Third and Fourth Avenues--would be cleared.
Albert attended aeronautical engineering school and then switched to architecture.
Once the academic building is completed and occupied, the current engineering school building at 51 Astor Place will be taken down and the property leased for development of a mixed-use commercial and academic structure.
in the name,'' said Laura Breyfogle, spokeswoman for the engineering school.
He is also certified in reactor plant design from Westinghouse Bettis Reactor Engineering School.
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