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The taxpayer's engineering department provides estimates, project planning and project design to plant department personnel engaged in the construction, maintenance, repair, rearrangement and removal of the taxpayer's systems.
The program] gave me an opportunity to work many different kinds of engineering jobs and work with many different kinds of engineers.
org) adults would be happy if their children chose engineering as a career because, in the words of the respondents, engineers "make a positive contribution to society," "earn a good salary," "do interesting work" and "belong to a prestigious profession.
They have strong mathematics abilities and an interest in engineering, said Loughridge.
6) The second edition of Engineering Ethics: Concepts and Cases, published in 2000 by Wadsworth, opens chapter 1 with a full-page photograph of Citicorp tower and a laudatory essay on the case.
One project manager for a large engineering firm offered the following observations on such recent trends:
National Engineering Week, held in March, is a Canada-wide effort to inform the public and students in particular about career opportunities and the role of engineering in society.
Donald Askeland, professor of metallurgical engineering at Missouri-Rolla adds, "Most of our courses emphasize the practical experience.
Founded in 1930, SEAONC is committed to advancing the art and science of structural engineering.
The application of systems engineering processes and practices enables the DCMA engineers to correlate risks with contract performance requirements.
According to Monti, the CAM approach begins with an engineering assessment of the condition of capital assets using a systematic, uniform, pre-programmed evaluation tool tailored to a specific facility, including cost estimates for the repair or replacement of deficiencies and recommended priorities for renewal, modernization and replacement projects.
DuPont Engineering Polymers, DE Engineered Polymers Industries, MA (D)
NAVSEA's Systems Engineering Intern Program, Contracting Intern Program, and Logistics Intern Program fall under the auspices of AIP.
Upon reviewing the contract between the owner and the engineer, the court found that the engineer "was an independent contractor to the extent it supplied professional engineering services, but .
0, the latest release of PTC's engineering calculation software.
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