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a room (as on a ship) in which the engine is located


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However, when the seawater started to enter the engine rooms, the master ordered the abandon ship of passengers and crew,' according to the report.
The center will feature bridge and engine room simulators that utilize the most innovative technology and training solutions in the maritime industry, modeled closely after the technology and practices used in the airline and other industries.
A spokeswoman for Royal Caribbean told the Mirror: "As Splendour of the Seas was at sea en route to Argostoli, Greece, the ship experienced a fire in one of its two engine rooms.
Designed for ease of portability, the pump features a modular design that makes it easy to move into tight spaces, such as small passageways, ship engine rooms and ballast tanks.
Simple to install, multiple sensors can be fit in an engine room, depending on desired sensitivity.
Our plan is essentially to put fuel cells in the engine room and model how it looks and how it performs," he added.
The new control system, consisting of nine control modules for the two engine rooms was installed in early June.
A P&O spokesman said the ship has two engine rooms and the second fire was in a different room to last month's blaze.
A P&O spokesman said the ship has two engine rooms and the latest fire was in a different room to last month's blaze.
Minor fires are quite common in engine rooms on ships.
Delta T Systems has developed a digital ventilation control system designed to completely regulate all functions of combustion and cooling air requirements for engine rooms with no operator interaction.
For more than a month the production has been in Valencia, where crews had built full-scale replicas of the atrium, engine rooms and cabins of the ocean liner Seabourn Legend, Brand said.
We must proceed with every knot the engine rooms can provide.
The P-MAX tankers thus have double hulls, optimum corrosion control, two engine rooms with full water and fire integrity and two propulsion systems.