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in an engaging manner


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Now Simon - the most literary, if not the last, of the red-hot lovers - is once again trying to channel his expertise into a new play, ``The Dinner Party,'' the cleverly conceived and engagingly performed yet emotionally undernourishing work that had its world premiere Wednesday night at the Mark Taper Forum.
THE VERDICT An engagingly lightweight romcom, with cuddly Hugh Bonneville amusing as the fortysomething English chap who takes to heart the words of a pompous French filmmaker (footballer Eric Cantona).
With fiddler Johnny Gimble making like Stephane Grappelli, Nelson engagingly works his way through jaunty selections like ``Sweet Georgia Brown'' and Reinhardt's arrangement of the title track.
Opens Friday THE STARS Al Pacino, Holly Hunter THE VERDICT An engagingly quirky tale, Manglehorn sees Al Pacino in relatively restrained form as a reclusive elderly Texan locksmith who struggles to form relationships.
Grieving Zach (a winning Dane DeHaan) is bewildered but delighted when his ex Beth (an engagingly demented Aubrey Plaza) comes back to life after she was killed by a snake.
I LIKE the engagingly selfdeprecating Jon (8 Out of 10 Cats) Richardson, and think he should be on the TV more often.
A genial slacker, a private investigator and a femme fatale join forces to rescue a kidnapped holy man in Avi Nesher's engagingly helmed "The Wonders" an unusual dramedy that offers a stylish and amusing rift on "Chinatown" by way of "Alice in Wonderland.
The 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' star who is engagingly cautious about making the transition from acting, asserted that writing is something she would like to do.
The authors engagingly highlight lessons from the past and offer solutions for the future.
The characters are warmly and engagingly portrayed - especially the teachers, with headmistress Mrs Riley giving the production plenty of stiff backbone - and there were plenty of wry smiles at exhortations to be on "your best behaviour wearing the uniform of St Edmund Arrowsmith" from Convent girls in the audience.
The group plays on instruments constructed according to Partch's unique designs: objects that are plucked, struck, bowed, and strummed, producing shimmering textures and engagingly unusual rhythms--a diverse array delighting both ear and eye.
More Than Petticoats, Kate Hertzog (TwoDot): It may be the City of Brotherly Love, but philadelphia sits in a state whose contributions to American women's history appear in a new light in this smartly researched and engagingly written collection of profiles.
The authors engagingly convey the historical faults at the base of water disputes, how the disagreements and potential solutions have changed over time, and why legal solutions will not meet local needs.
A NEW series of short films showcasing the work of fledgling directors starts with this engagingly mental story.
Engagingly written by Sean Taylor, superbly illustrated by the team of Flavio Hoffe and Esteve Polls, colored by Debora Carita, and with a superb staff of cover artists, letterers, and editors, "Dominatrix: You Want Me" first appeared as a mini-series of individual comics from IDW Publishing that has now been collected together into a magnificent graphic novel format that is highly recommended for mature readers.