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Synonyms for enfranchisement

giving the vote


  • giving the vote
  • giving voting rights
  • granting voting rights
  • granting suffrage or the franchise

Synonyms for enfranchisement

freedom from political subjugation or servitude

Related Words

a statutory right or privilege granted to a person or group by a government (especially the rights of citizenship and the right to vote)

the act of certifying or bestowing a franchise on

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The 19th Amendment was the product of a 70-odd year movement toward women's enfranchisement. By 1919, it had time on its side.
A surveyor may be able to negotiate the premium directly with the freeholder without having to utilise the enfranchisement procedure.
Using enfranchisement as the measure of the success of the suffrage movement limits the significance of this history.
While some of the leading figures of the suffrage movement have received deserved appreciation, the crusade for women's enfranchisement involved many individuals, each with a unique story to be told.
For Indigenous women, enfranchisement had a negative association with the Department of Indian Affairs, who had a long history of using enfranchisement as an instrument of assimilation (one of many).
The passionate issue of permitting the ever-growing Pakistan diaspora, the world's sixth largest, to participate in national elections was also hanging fire since ages, for reasons more of sloth and indifference, but the matter has finally been resolved satisfactorily with the Supreme Court judgment on Friday giving mandatory legal umbrella to the enfranchisement of reportedly 7.
However, during the polls of July 25th, women came out to cast their votes in great numbers, which marks the beginning of an era of female enfranchisement in the region.
He said the higher women voter turnout was commendable as it showed a positive change in the people's mindset about the women's enfranchisement.
She added:"This sword was but a symbol with which your liberties were won and we women are fighting for our enfranchisement with stones and hammers.These stones and hammers are also but symbols of the freedom which we shall get.
CHESTER firm Storrar Cowdry and its head of residential property have received accreditation to ALEP, the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners.
Lords Speaker Lord Fowler, welcoming the appointment, said: "In this centenary year of the first enfranchisement of women, I'm so pleased that this most historic of roles has finally been taken up by a woman.
He informed that delimitation law can have two dimensions one of them is laws of enfranchisement as to population total number of representatives to be elected and the other is to actual drawing of boundaries and enclosing people with the constituency.
Although it recommended that the age of enfranchisement for Westminster elections should remain at 18, it encouraged the devolved legislatures in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to consider 'votes at 16.' "All the political parties at Westminster, with the exceptions of the Conservatives and Democratic Unionists, support lowering the voting age," Dr Mycock said.
Employing gender as an analytic lens, Colvin places cultural sources in dialogue with political developments to understand the limitations on femininity, the disempowerment of women, and the reinforcement of the French political actors as masculine at the end of World War II, despite women's enfranchisement. She demonstrates how France culturally tempered the potential energy in voting rights, asks difficult questions about the celebration of voting rights that is common in the West, and advances the gendered history of liberal democracy as a system of government.
Drawing on sociolinguistic research, this article introduces the concept of 'linguistic enfranchisement' (LE).