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endowed with the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote

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Just because Alex Salmond enfranchised the sixth form north of the border doesn't mean to say that the rest of the UK has to follow suit.
Although women nationwide did not gain voting rights until 1920, Oregon enfranchised female voters in 1912.
Such areas, populated by the disenfranchised, are growing throughout the US, as the white and associated enfranchised classes move back to the cities and to ex-urbs or new white suburbs, leaving geographically isolated and service-poor communities behind.
On the topic of expatriates being enfranchised to vote for the president, some readers may recall an open letter from me to the President which was published on June 1 this year, followed by another on the same subject on August 3.
The tender offer is representative of Globe s belief in the value of BTI as a nationally enfranchised entity, said de Larrazabal.
Because of residential segregation, changes in the share of county residents who were newly enfranchised varied across localities within each state, and the authors exploit this variation to perform their analysis.
Mostly it came from a generation born before and just after women became enfranchised to vote, who still felt our place was in the home as full time mothers and housewives.
But I could not tell when HSBC bought Midland Bank, nor Glaxo bid for Wellcome, nor when Messrs Goldsmith, Packer and Rothschild bid for BAT, nor when GUS enfranchised its A shares.
Some 74 per cent of them are 39 years and younger and women account for 46 per cent or almost three times those enfranchised in 2006 elections.
Some of the most prominent figures in the Beat Movement--including Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Amiri Baraka, were attracted to the new Cuba as a place where people would be racially equal, sexually free and politically enfranchised.
But people convicted of crimes including 5,991 violent offenders, 1,753 sex offenders, 2,486 robbers, 4,370 drug offenders and 4,188 burglars will be enfranchised.
Pointless observation The population census has shown that the population of Sudan is about 39 million and that the enfranchised population is around 20 million.
She addresses us directly and inevitably, as it were, leaving us with no place to hide as she attempts to persuade us that we are fully enfranchised in the production of meaning.
The 17 million registered voters represent an increase of one-third over 2005, including millions of newly enfranchised women.
3 per cent of the 385,000 eligible voters, were running in the elections for only the third time after they were enfranchised in 2005.