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capable of being enforced

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Although it may be implied from the court's decision that such restrictions continue to be enforceable, what constitutes proprietary information will be closely scrutinized.
To be enforceable, restrictive covenants must be reasonable in terms of duration, geographical area and activities they seek to prevent.
The agency overhauled its approach for developing a monitoring rule that would provide a means for major sources to ensure compliance with federally enforceable requirements.
But, decisions made by family members who do not have an enforceable health-care proxy are not followed by health-care providers if the providers either question the good faith of the family member or strongly disagree with the medical decision.
patents for a fragrance dispensing system with its NoC[R] dip tube (patent number 7,718,132 and 7,722,819) are valid and enforceable.
I have no idea if it is legally enforceable," said Southgate ahead of tonight's European Championship qualifier with Lithuania at Portman Road.
Months ago you reported in your newspaper that a similar sign had been erected in Glenrothes and it appears to be enforceable.
UK-based Barclays Bank Plc (LSE: BARC) has received an enforceable undertaking from an Australian regulator.
8m compared with pounds 5m for a legally enforceable scheme, which would require lengthy discussions, statutory orders and a lot more signs.
For the 110th Congress, a likely issue in this debate is whether to include enforceable core labor standards as a principal negotiating objective in trade agreements.
In CCA 200637001 (9/15/06), the IRS ruled that a waiver to extend the statutory period of assessment for unpaid employment taxes was valid and enforceable, despite the fact that it was executed outside of the original three-year assessment period.
Agreements signed on the steps of the church under pressure will struggle to be enforceable
The agreement must be legally binding and enforceable.
It is now well-settled that when an individual employee agrees to submit all employment-related disputes to arbitration, the Federal Arbitration Act mandates that the agreement stands "on the same footing as other contracts" and is enforceable with respect to statutory discrimination claims.
Applying FAS 5, legally enforceable obligations for environmental cleanup need not be disclosed, so long as legal action is neither pending nor considered probable.