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put in possession of land in exchange for a pledge of service, in feudal society

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(89) Voz: enfeoff, en Collins Dictionary--complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Editon.
As Lin Xiao had clear skin and an imposing appearance, and spoke in a sonorous and clear tone, a set of first-grade robes was especially conferred upon him and, together with the Messenger Yao Long, he went to enfeoff the heir Guo-long Bo-la Lue-kun Xi-la Wu-di as king.
It was also the former region where your ancestors Mac Cuu and Mac Thien Tu had been enfeoffed. This fact had been documented in the previous reigns and has only been rendered untraceable by the dispersal of records during the turmoil of the illegitimate Tay Son rebels.' ([phrase omitted]) (38) Emperor Gia Long had just recovered the Nguyen territories lost to the Tay Son forces, ending the 24-year 'illegitimate' rule under 'the Tay Son rebels'.
"Xiang is extremely ruthless but is enfeoffed the land of Youbi.
Opting for a strategy of political inclusion, they formally enfeoffed Choyong in 713 as "king" (1) of the Bohai (Parhae) Commandery and military commander of Huhan Prefecture.
This can be inferred from Wang Jian's enhancements of the Zhangren Temple [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] at Mount Qingcheng [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (forty-five miles northwest of Chengdu), the sanctuary of a deity that Xizong enfeoffed in 881, two decades before Wang Jian's accession (Huang 1986, 1.7a-8b).
141-87 BCE) enfeoffed Lord Chou of Yao [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]: as the king of Yueyao [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] to continue the sacrifices of the Minyue kings.
When, in the year kimyo [1122 B.C.], King Wu of Chou enfeoffed Chi Tzu (Kija) to Choson, Tangun moved to Changdangyong, but later he returned and hid in Asadal as a mountain god at the age of one thousand nine hundred and eight.
The King, it is said, enfeoffed his nobles with possession of land in return for a pledge of knightly service.
This rule was violated by his wife, nee Lu, who usurped the throne and enfeoffed her relatives, but it was generally observed by later rulers.
The permission granted ("pro passagio," perhaps) meant that tenants-in-chief could recoup moneys from sub-tenants or knights whom they themselves had enfeoffed. (24) There is a strong suggestion that John had achieved what Henry had set out to do, but had avoided tampering with familiar feudal institutions to do it.
and melting toward him with all the pure ardor of her lonely and womanly heart," or as "a cragged and castled baron" who would "execute le droit de seigneur upon the choicest of the enfeoffed wives and wenches," for example (LHA 109).
(1464) ("feoffavit eos ex confidencia ad usum suum et non ad usum illorum" ("that he enfeoffed them out of trust to his [own] use and not to their use")); J.
If the Hokkaido climate had permitted the development of rice cultivation, the founder of the Matsumae house, Kakizaki (later Matsumae) Yoshihiro, and his descendants might have ended up as typical regional lords, enfeoffed by the Tokugawa shogunate on the basis of the agricultural productivity of their landholdings.