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  • verb

Synonyms for enervate

to lessen or deplete the nerve, energy, or strength of

Synonyms for enervate

weaken mentally or morally

Related Words

disturb the composure of

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If protests resume, international attention could enervate investor confidence.
Wright first gained notice with his recent remake of Pride & Prejudice (which also starred Knightley), and Atonement makes good on that initial promise-his are costume dramas that energize rather than enervate.
This will inevitably fetter the Bush administration's overall politico-military strategy in Iraq, which revolves around the creation of an inclusive non-sectarian government which will placate all segments of the Iraqi population, an outcome which would both enervate the Sunni insurgency by isolating "Saddamists and foreign fighters" according to U.
Rome--Pope John Paul II has just completed a ceremonial round calculated to enervate a much younger man.
While "Papadi" follows in the same vein, using a stomping chorus to enervate the listener, Vives brings the tone down on "Quiero Verte Sonreir.
I do not underestimate this power to enervate, intimidate, destroy work, to harm spirits, consciences, bodies, peoples.
The work doesn't seem to enervate him, as it would for some executives his age looking considering retirement.
Why the East and the city enervate while the West and nature energize is a complex matter to Crane.