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  • verb

Synonyms for enervate

to lessen or deplete the nerve, energy, or strength of

Synonyms for enervate

weaken mentally or morally

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disturb the composure of

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He added, 'However, an attempt was made to enervate the institutions by lodging a case against me.
Long fish (3) LAST WEEK'S SOLUTION: Across - 1 Vicarage; 5 Wrestler; 10 Numerate; 11 Octupled; 12 Modeller; 14 Mistrial; 15 Raoul; 16 Unwise; 18 Favour; 19 T-junction; 22 Sculpting; 26 Pedant; 27 Duster; 28 Suede; 30 Equipped; 31 Enervate; 32 Vladimir; 33 Manifest; 34 Litigate; 35 Open-eyed.
Second, elections can empower rather than enervate the courts.
Ernst & Young report will enervate the debt restructure process, giving participants far greater confidence in the company.
The 300-berth marina will energize and enervate the area, attracting motorboats and yachts to the area, while the 18-hole green links-style golf course, designed by Greg Norman and the 3 five-star hotels will prove a great attraction for tourists, visitors and residents alike.
In his almost 2,500-word-long diatribe against the poet, Canning describes Ginsberg as "depressingly base," "whining, wheedling, on the make; defensive, accusatory, and sly," a writer who "will exhaust and enervate" the reader, someone whose every letter has "an overblown quality," a writer who is given to "name-calling" and is "weirdly pedantic." He portrays the poet as a calculating man interested in "mutual exploitation," whose "grubbing for favor is unappetizing," someone who liked to "blow his own hom," who wrote "hubristically," and whose "accounts of his travels are perfunctory, even cliched," resembling a "National Lampoon's Vacation, or the rampant text-messaging of an adolescent." Canning ends his article by denouncing Ginsberg as "conceited" and "bombastic."
If protests resume, international attention could enervate investor confidence.
Rome--Pope John Paul II has just completed a ceremonial round calculated to enervate a much younger man.