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Synonyms for energy

Synonyms for energy

Synonyms for energy

enterprising or ambitious drive

an imaginative lively style (especially style of writing)

a healthy capacity for vigorous activity

any source of usable power

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the federal department responsible for maintaining a national energy policy of the United States

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Investment from private sector is critical as the East Africa energy reserves require substantial funding in order to reach full potential, which cannot be met by government subsidy alone.
During the winter season, when sunlight is unavailable for several months, it is necessary to use an energy reserve, e.
1 billion stake in an existing operation as China scours the globe for energy reserves.
Japan-based Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO: 6502) has acquired privately held Consert Inc, an intelligent energy management company that converts electric consumption in homes and small businesses into cost-effective, clean sources of capacity and energy reserves for utilities.
Because ExxonMobil invests in energy reserves abroad that may take decades to exhaust, its time horizon is far greater than the average U.
The Energy Service Director also said that prospects from the exploitation of energy reserves in the area will contribute towards energy security in Europe and will result in a dramatic growth and will enhance the geostrategic stability of the region.
Arab oil reserves are estimated at roughly 683 billion barrel, constituting 58 percent of the world's total energy reserves, the study showed.
The vacancies come as new figures reveal record investment in UK oil and gas reserves over the last quarter, which indicates the UK still houses plenty of energy reserves in the East Irish and North seas.
Massive efforts to boost Bahrain's energy reserves were urged by His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa yesterday.
This deposit made jointly by Sonatrach and the Italian company ENI has energy reserves of around 25 billion m3 and large capacity gas (LPG) in condensate and oil.
If need be, we will shift attention away from the interior fields to concentrate attention on jointly-owned ones, since this will result in further improvement of the country's economy and optimum use of its energy reserves," he added.
As usual, EFT bought these energy reserves at their official market price and with this purchase it did not cause any damages to NEK.
If oil prices were to average $100 per barrel and gas $15, the present value of GCC energy reserves would be $37.
That figure assumes a modest price of oil at $50 per barrel and gas at $9 per million BTU; if oil prices were to average $100 per barrel and gas $15, the present value of GCC energy reserves would be $ 37.
Mike Toms, head of garden ecology at the BTO, said: "Cold winter nights are a testing time and small birds can use up a large proportion of their energy reserves just keeping warm.
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