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Synonyms for energy

Synonyms for energy

Synonyms for energy

enterprising or ambitious drive

an imaginative lively style (especially style of writing)

a healthy capacity for vigorous activity

any source of usable power

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the federal department responsible for maintaining a national energy policy of the United States

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USA], Oct 22 ( ANI ): A team of researchers has discovered a new way to produce high energy photon beams.
In the limiting case T = 0 of a pure zero point energy photon gas, one would thus have to study an ensemble of continuous states, to search for the most probable distribution of frequency among the oscillators at a given total and finite energy per unit volume.
151) "Photonuclear" refers to a nuclear reaction caused by a photon, in this case fission of SNM induced by high- energy photons.
According to Randy Weatherhead, vice president of marketing, Siemens Nuclear Medicine Group, "Historically, conventional gamma cameras' high energy photon detection ability suffered because of the limited stopping power of 3/8-inch sodium iodide (NaI) detector crystals.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation And Guaranty Of Hpge Detector Of Relative Efficiency 30 Percent With Carbon Fiber Window For Low Energy Photon Measurement, Standalone Mca (Hv, Spectroscopy Smplifier, Adc) Gamma Spectroscopy Software, Suitable Low Background 10 Cm Thick Lead Shielding With Tin And Cu Lining.
High dose rate multi energy photon accelerator with flattening filter free technology fast imrt and igrt.
Meanwhile, lower energy photons would pass through the semi-transparent upper layer to be absorbed by the silicon, thereby increasing the cell's total absorption capacity.
6] is non-hygroscopic, and it includes Hf as a host constitution, so the cross-section to high energy photons is very high.
6) VMC images (60-75 keV) can be used not only to increase CNR but also to improve overall image quality due to reduced beam hardening artifact (as a result of the elimination of very low energy photons that contribute only to image noise).
NASA's Fermi Camma-ray Space Telescope has discovered that most of the highest energy photons in the Large Magellanic Cloud come from two pulsars.
Beam hardening (loss of low energy photons in X-ray spectra) and dynamic range (here 12 bit) limit accuracy of X-ray computer tomography in these cases.
Normally the OIII emission comes from collisionally excited lines of oxygen and the reasons for no OIII emission in this case could be either a low temperature central star that is not emitting enough high energy photons to excite the nebula, or a high density nebula where the energy levels that produce the OIII lines are getting collisionally de-excited before they have a chance to emit the photons, a process called damping.
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