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The investment was to energise and upgraded a number of substations within its operation areas and constructing and upgrading nine substations with a total capacity of (352MVA).
Energise Your Future offers young people from around the world a unique platform to engage with the fast-moving energy industry and debate with its current leaders on the major issues, challenges and opportunities it will be facing in the future.
Club Energise, by virtue of its lucrative link-up with the GPA, isn't officially sold at GAA grounds - an issue the GPA is furious about.
Meanwhile, MTV, Hugo Energise and Chibuku meets Circus present Hugo Energise - sponsors of MTV's new reality adventure series The Trip and next week's party.
Energise aims to get more people up to the age of 16 more active, by raising the awareness of the benefits of physical activity.
ARMAGH star and former GPA Player of the Year Steven McDonnell has turned down a lucrative deal with a rival sports drink company in support of Gaelic Players Association sponsor Energise Sport.
"Huge progress has been made for players since the GPA came on the scene but none of that could have been achieved without the Energise Sport sponsorship," said Farrell.
A mask formulated with Chinese Ginseng and Jiaogulan to oxygenate and Malachite to energise and rehydrate the skin, leaving it glowing.
Paul Reeson, 44, of Westerhope, joins Tyneside-based Re Energise IT as a team leader from Rolls Royce, where he worked as a mechanical engineer.
Though the Lesco teams restored supply to some areas, they couldn't energise most of the feeders due to heavy rain that continued for hours in many areas.
THE Gaelic Players Association has called on the GAA to bin the ban on Club Energise.