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Synonyms for enemy

Synonyms for enemy

one who is hostile to or opposes the purposes or interests of another

Synonyms for enemy

an armed adversary (especially a member of an opposing military force)

any hostile group of people

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In this time we daily expected the arrival of the Indian army; and at length, one of my fellow prisoners, escaping from them, arrived, informing us that the enemy had an account of my departure, and postponed their expedition three weeks.
We had no loss on our side: The enemy had one killed, and two wounded.
The matter was to ascertain, by reconnoitering, how the enemy guarded this bastion.
D'Artagnan had not been deceived; these two men had only followed for the purpose of assassinating him, hoping that the young man's death would be placed to the account of the enemy.
But the enemy were quick to gain the protec- tion of the wandering line of fence.
The most urgent thing now is to learn where the enemy is and what he is doing.
As there was a formidable band of Blackfeet just over a mountain to the northeast, by which Hodgkiss and his free trappers would have to pass; and as it was known that those sharp-sighted marauders had their scouts out watching every movement of the encampments, so as to cut off stragglers or weak detachments, Captain Bonneville prevailed upon the Nez Perces to accompany Hodgkiss and his party until they should be beyond the range of the enemy.
He bade his comrades good-bye and marched proudly away to do battle with the enemy.
Slowly the two lines of Helium's battleships joined their ends, and then commenced the circling within the line of the enemy which is so marked a characteristic of Barsoomian naval warfare.
Everyone got up and began watching the movements of our troops below, as plainly visible as if but a stone's throw away, and the movements of the approaching enemy farther off.
Tarzan had placed the finest marksmen of the tribe in the surrounding trees, with directions never to reveal themselves while the enemy was faced in their direction.
At nightfall they would take to the road again, climb to the place where their unfaithful sentinel now slept, and, descending the other slope of the ridge, fall upon a camp of the enemy at about midnight.
To be sure, he said, they are to receive what we owe them, and an enemy, as I take it, owes to an enemy that which is due or proper to him-- that is to say, evil.
Ye shall be those whose eyes ever seek for an enemy--for YOUR enemy.
We left the adverse bands watching one another on the opposite banks of the stream, each endeavouring to excite its enemy to some act of indiscretion, by the most reproachful taunts and revilings.