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Synonyms for enemy

Synonyms for enemy

one who is hostile to or opposes the purposes or interests of another

Synonyms for enemy

an armed adversary (especially a member of an opposing military force)

any hostile group of people

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The amendment of India's 49-year-old Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Act has renewed concerns over the security of Chinese-owned assets and posed an obstacle for the Indian government, which hopes to draw more overseas investment by enacting sweeping economic reforms.
SC William Matson Sinclair - killed during an enemy air raid, aged 33, on October 12, 1940.
The deputy top commander warned against the enemy's plots, and said, "The enemy has deceitfully adopted a friendly approach towards Iran to achieve its sinister goals.
Occasionally the enemy fighter aircraft kept visiting our position.
Make sure that you get something out of fighting the enemy you choose.
This enemy sports a long distance range view along with long range attacks.
In XCOM: Enemy Within, players can modify their soldiers genetically to enhance their operatives' abilities or transform their soldiers into cybernetic warriors.
Despite the perceptions to the contrary, the enemy is not all-powerful, all-knowing, and invincible.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Americans are most likely to mention Iran when asked which country they consider to be the United States' greatest enemy.
The enemy property shall continue to vest in the Custodian till it is divested by the Central Government.
Several other large-scale enemy infiltrations in this area were attempted throughout our deployment, but due to the heavy losses suffered, each successive attempt involved fewer personnel and focused its objective much closer to the border.
If you can supply stonemasons to build fortifications with unknown weak points and secret means of access or engineers to provide the enemy with defective designs, you can achieve long-term advantages.
The military's dissatisfaction with the war reflects not desire to retreat, but rather frustration with the ``rules of engagement'' and politically dictated resourcing that restrict them from taking the fight to the enemy.
citizen--an enemy combatant and to deprive that person of basic due process rights to challenge his or her detention in court.
A combat controller, Chapman and a team of Navy SEALs were inserted by helicopter into mountains to battle an entrenched enemy force.