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the flattened end of a motor neuron that transmits neural impulses to a muscle

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It has been reported that in symptomatic patients, endplate abnormalities occur following the inflammatory changes within the disc matrix and they rarely are encountered in asymptomatic individuals between 20 and 50 years of age (11).
Vertebral body clefts, the result of avascular necrosis, are seen as fluid and/or air-containing foci located adjacent to a compressed vertebral endplate.
The length of the plug was sized to be even with the receiver ring when installed with an endplate between the plug and receiver to retain the detent spring.
The CT results demonstrated severe destruction of the caudal vertebral endplate of T5 and the cranial vertebral endplate of T7, with almost complete osteolysis of T6.
Based on the early work of Bateman (1) with peripheral limb nerves, it was determined that muscular denervation beyond 12 months results in decreased motor endplate density and less chance of successful reinnervation.
In FP2, with nine minutes remaining, Force India's Sergio Perez clipped Vettel's car, ripping off the front-wing endplate on the left side.
1a), which is the angle between two lines, drawn perpendicular to the upper endplate of the uppermost vertebra involved and the lower endplate of the lowest vertebra involved [3].
The design of the TCS is consistent with the rest of the company's interbody device portfolio by allowing for endplate sparing and apophyseal fixation and the incorporation of large windows and large internal volumes to allow for significant bone graft packing, clear CT (computed tomography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), desired bone graft loading, and the ability to pack additional bone graft material within the device following implantation.
Once the die is placed on the working surface, remove the endplate and seal-plate assemblies, and then use Allen wrenches to remove the die-body bolts--remembering that these will be hot.
Hamilton's race was wrecked by a lap-two puncture sustained after the front right-wing endplate of Rosberg's car hit his left-rear tyre, resulting in a puncture.
In doing so, it resulted in contact between the two for the first time, with Rosberg's right front-wing endplate clipping Hamilton's left-rear tyre.
The motor neuron (red) is connected to the synaptic endplate on the muscle fiber (green).
It features the ACS Rotor-Rail[TM] design that enables full validation access to the rotor and all internal surfaces of the housing without disassembly of the endplate or the concern for accurate rotor realignment during re-assembly.
The series uses a proprietary, dual-induction endplate design to introduce pressurized air from both endplates into the rotor pockets carrying process material.
6,13) Through the use of endplate angulations, restoration of natural spine curvature is possible and may help lead to better patient outcomes.