endowment insurance

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life insurance for a specified amount which is payable to the insured person at the expiration of a certain period of time or to a designated beneficiary immediately upon the death of the insured

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Furthermore, it also involves supplemental insurance agreements, as well as reserves and liabilities relating to applicable and terminated endowment and pure endowment insurance policies.
The 'China Life Fu Lu Xin Zun' Endowment Insurance (Participating) is the upgraded version of 'Fu Lu Jin Zun', the key endowment plan in 2011, and integrates wealth management, pension and protection features in one offering.
The other side of this mis-selling coin is that many of those complaining their endowment insurance will not be enough to pay off the mortgage will not have lost out overall because their property has risen in value.
Swedish taxation rules are less favourable to endowment insurance policies than other occupational pension insurance policies.
55-747 (35) provided bases to compute one-year term insurance premiums in determining the amount required to be included in employee income from current life insurance protection provided under a whole-life or endowment insurance contract held by a qualified plan.
With this type of loan, an endowment insurance policy is involved and monthly repayments go towards interest and the policy premiums.
Endowment insurance both protects your family and saves for the future - such policies can be issued with or without profits.
They pay premiums on an endowment insurance policy that is supposed to pay off the loan when it matures.
Over the life of the loan the borrower pays a monthly premium into an endowment insurance policy, and at the end of the mortgage term the proceeds of the policy are used to repay the loan.
As a consequence of the new tax regulations on endowment insurance which came into force on 1 January 2012, the net inflow into investment savings accounts (ISA) and endowment insurance is expected to be significantly more evenly spread throughout the year than in previous years.
Gross revenue of basic endowment insurance for retirees of state-owned enterprises, the main part of the basic endowment insurance for senior citizens, reached 1.
So, if you are among the investors with an endowment insurance plan, do not forget to avail of the fringe benefits offered by endowment plans.
Traditional life-insurance policies refer to fixed-rate policies, including savings insurance, endowment insurance, and insurance against death.
They are to offer endowment insurance, a combination of life and disability insurance in the country.
Nippon Life will raise yields on single-premium annuity and endowment insurance policies to 1.