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Synonyms for endow

Synonyms for endow

to present with a quality, trait, or power

Synonyms for endow

give qualities or abilities to

furnish with an endowment


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He endowed his first faculty chair in 2003 and continued his support in 2004 by endowing a second chair in honor of his father Don Forchelli, class of 1931.
Our family feels that endowing a permanent chair at JCC in his name would be the most appropriate way of honoring him and continuing their legacy of commitment to education in the Jackson area.
That's like endowing The Nutcracker for a ballet company.
However, during these same years, Ann Petry, Ralph Ellison, and James Baldwin looked to Harlem as a means for articulating and verifying the African American experience, endowing it with "transcendent and enduring literary history.
I thank Stanley Merves for his foresight in endowing a chair in accounting and information technology.