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Synonyms for endow

Synonyms for endow

to present with a quality, trait, or power

Synonyms for endow

give qualities or abilities to

furnish with an endowment


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The province first participated in the Endow Manitoba 24-Hour Giving Challenge in 2017, which resulted in a 46 per cent increase in the number of private gifts and a 67 per cent increase in value of private gifts.
"The Spring 2017 Ezra Magazine had a photo of Dean Alan Mathios with a quote, 'endowed professorships to me are the gold standard in philanthropy because they allow us to retain and recruit top faculty,'" said Susan Kurz Snyder '81, Chair of the Dean's Advisory Council.
Smartphone makers such as Samsung might forego the traditional approach to Edge smartphones and endow the edges with added functionality.
To date six new fellowships have been endowed, and there will be much to celebrate in March.
As at Rollins, the endowed positions lined up with existing donor interest.
Flexible DB Guarantee; Low Minimum Premium to Endow; Accumulation; Maximum Income; Overioan Protection; Living Benefits
Mulkey said she didn't know of another fully endowed scholarship in the country.
Wonderful as they are, Canada Research Chairs are not as good as the traditional privately endowed chairs.
I hope our friends and benefactors will join with me in following the example of the Luce Foundation and see this Endowed Chair in honor of Kenan a reality in three years."
He dreamed of intelligent women--preferably those smart enough to qualify for the high-IQ club, Mensa--bearing a flock of uber-babies, endowed with the genes that would enable them to become scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs.
Many of these awards are endowed and therefore have adequate funds to support them each year.
Gill Foundation to endow the USC School of Engineering's composite center.
Moreover, he is the most self-conscious in terms of his stated goals of employing diverse philosophical systems to examine questions which have a moral cast, and which also endow his explorations of African American life with originality and force.
As per the Gore Street, the fund would endow in a diversified portfolio of utility-scale energy storage projects primarily located in the U.K., although the company will also consider projects in North America and Western Europe.
Genworth Life Life Ready UL II Maximum Death Benefits; Low Premium to Endow & Carry; Cash Value Accumulation