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an epithelium of mesoblastic origin

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The most important observation on the mildly irritated omentum in animals that received injections with India ink is the complete passivity of the endothelium in the process of production of the ameboid mononuclear phagocytic cells, the polyblasts.
Increased concentrations of ET, vWF, and PAI-1 are present in diseases that involve the endothelium, such as atherosclerosis (27, 28), diabetic angiopathy (25), and vasculitis (29).
This year's Nobel Prize in Medicine was won by the three men who discovered how the endothelium works.
The endothelium becomes much thicker due to this buildup of cells and the surrounding material.
Delivery to the vascular endothelium creates new RNAi therapeutic approaches in disease areas including atherosclerosis, diabetes, inflammation, and cancer.
In a typical histologic picture, there are wide vascular spaces and systems of anastomosed vessel canals lined with atypical endothelium, with marked sarcomatous stroma (17-20).
1B), and restored also the ability of the endothelium to depress the PE-induced contractile responses (Fig.
Nebivolol has novel cardiovascular properties such as endothelium dependent arterial and venous dilation via L-arginine nitric oxide pathway (9, 11).
Furthermore these data support the hypothesis that NCX 4016 may be effective in improving endothelium dysfunction by virtue of its nitric oxide- donation creating the potential for the product's future development in a broad range of endothelium dysfunction-related disorders, which we plan to explore in an expanded Phase II programme.
Some smooth muscle in the tissue had a damaged endothelium that could no longer make nitric oxide.
A number of recent laboratory studies have demonstrated that statins have an important role in the preservation of endothelial function by increasing endothelium nitric oxide, a major mediator of vascular function.
The endothelium is the first layer of cells in the arterial wall.
The corneal endothelium comprises a rich density of regularly arranged hexagonal cells that maintains corneal deturgescence.
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