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vascular membrane that lines the inner surface of long bones

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The periosteum and endosteum of the dissected bone were gently scrapped off and washed with sterile [Ca.
5) He advocated a Z-shaped osteotomy after making several drill holes and dividing the periosteum longitudinally, reporting that this technique would minimize damage to the periosteum and endosteum.
The remaining bone cortex and endosteum are supplied by the metaphysis vessels and nutrient vessels.
Osteoma is a benign bone tumor with origins reported from periosteum, endosteum and even from extra-skeletal soft tissue.
Pain may be caused by direct invasion of the bone causing micro-fractures, increased pressure of the endosteum or distortion of the periosteum.
Thinning of the endosteum with corresponding widening of the medullary canal can be found in the area of the metaphysic bone.
However, the procedure of screwing damages endosteum ([dagger]) integrity, resulting in endosteal absorption and consequent medullary canal widening, which may cause clinically unstable implants [87].
A characteristic of the endosteum where active bone modelling and remodelling take place is an increased [Ca.
Briefly, skull (frontal and parietal bones) were dissected; then the endosteum and periosteum were stripped off, and the bone was cut into approximately 1-2 [mm.
The small sizes of the bone and marrow cavities and the short ranges of the alpha particles complicate accurate dose estimates to the red bone marrow and bone endosteum.