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vascular membrane that lines the inner surface of long bones

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Finally, the endosteal surface from periosteal surface was subtracted to obtain the mineralized cortical bone region as shown in Fig.
5 months postoperatively showed a lytic lesion within the medial femoral condyle with endosteal scalloping and retained radiopaque material.
X-ray showed no abnormal periosteal elevation or other signs except that slight endosteal scalloping enlargement was noted.
Therapeutic targeting and rapid mobilization of endosteal HSC using a small molecule integrin antagonist," Nature Communications, 2016; 7: 11007 DOI: 10.
17] It has been reported that the ideal bone graft for the free transfer should include endosteal and periosteal blood supply with good anastomosis.
There are various types of dental implants including endosteal and subperiosteal implants.
reported that ulnar fractures are transverse, located in proximal ulna, and noncomminuted and had localized periosteal or endosteal thickening at the fracture site and generalized cortical thickening of the diaphysis [8].
Microbial contamination and the sterilization / disinfection of surgical guides used in the placement of endosteal implants.
Atypical bisphosphonate associated subtrochanteric and femoral shaft stress fractures show specific appearance on bone scintigraphy characterized by mild uptake in multifocal endosteal thickening of the lateral femoral diaphysis.
The stage I wound was then closed, and during the interim between stages, the soft tissue wound matured and the endosteal bone grew into the implant surface.
Estimou-se a uniao radiografica no momento em que foi observada a continuidade cortical completa na interface osso/aloimplante e remodelamento ativo dos calos periosteal e endosteal.
All the bones exhibit a mature histomorphology, characterized at least by a combination of three or more of the following characters: (i) extensive remodelling of the primary cortex by dense Haversian bone; (ii) presence of an outermost layer of highly organized, slow-growing primary bone, poorly vascular, with mature primary osteons; (iii) presence of growth rings which denote that the animal reached sexual maturity and lived for years; (iv) presence of a nonvascularized external fundamental system (EFS) at the periosteal surface, and (v) the presence of a greatly expanded medullar cavity lined by endosteal bone (Horner et al.
Cortical union represented with disappearance of interruption of cortex with callus formation, and endosteal union with obliteration of osteotomy line with endosteal callus were assessed.
The hematopoietic stem cell niche is composed of the osteoblasts located along the endosteal surface and the bone marrow blood vessels.