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The full line of Endoskeleton devices features Titan Spine's proprietary implant surface technology, consisting of a unique combination of roughened topographies at the macro, micro, and cellular levels created by a subtractive process.
A 3D CAD image of the endoskeleton of the robot hand is shown in Fig.
The company markets its products worldwide and lately gained approval for its Endoskeleton interbody fusion device in New Zealand and Australia.
For the price of two T-bone steaks, the Australian chef provides a master class in the benefits of cooking meat as it died - attached to its endoskeleton.
Here's to the skull-art that reminds us of our mortality and our impressive endoskeleton.
Fans can also bid for the 6ft 2in T-800 endoskeleton which starred in the opening sequence of Terminator 2 - expected to fetch more than pounds 45,000.
To the liberal with the endoskeleton structure, both of those seem like logical non sequiturs.
It's half endoskeleton, and half Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market the Endoskeleton line of interbody fusion implants featuring its next generation Nanolock surface technology and precedes the company's full commercialization of the new line, planned for the fourth quarter of this year.
The metallic endoskeleton slowly starts to break and turns into a powder that accumulates at the bottom of the screen.
Made available to developers last week, and the subject of today s Project Ara Modular Developers Conference, the Module Developers Kit (MDK) incorporates Lattice FPGAs for critical connectivity between reference implementations of removable modules and the Project Ara endoskeleton.
SACH foot (K1); stationary attachment flexible endoskeleton (SAFE) foot (Campbell-Childs Inc; White City, Oregon) (K2); Talux foot (Ossur; Reykjavik, Iceland) (K3); and Proprio foot (Ossur), which is the first commercially available microprocessor ankle (MPA) (no assigned K-level).