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Synonyms for endorse

Synonyms for endorse

Synonyms for endorse

give support or one's approval to

guarantee as meeting a certain standard

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sign as evidence of legal transfer


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"Celebrity Endorsers: Do You Get What You Pay For?" Journal of Consumer Marketing 9, 2 (1992): 69-76.
There have been numerous reports regarding the effects that celebrity endorsers have on consumer product perception and attitudes (Zollo, 1999; Ohanian, 1991, McCrackan, 1989; Berkowitz, 1995; Wentz, 2002; Papiernik, 2002).
Keep your endorsers happy: People who do testimonials usually expect exceptional tech support in return, Katz warns.
It was only last April when fans speculated Park's possible visit in the country after the local clothing brand gave a glimpse of its new endorser.
Top picks as endorsers for these accounts were the likes of Susan Roces, Boots Anson-Roa (now Rodrigo), Vilma Santos, Judy Ann Santos, Jolina Magdangal, Jody Sta.
During the evening, brands revealed to the players what they're looking for in endorsers and also shared tips on how companies should choose and use athletes to market their products to the next generation of consumers.
Seeking to empirically examine how Chinese and Chinese-American consumers respond to ads featuring celebrity athlete endorsers from single and bi-ethnicity identities, this study featured Yi Jianlian, a Chinese CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) and NBA (National Basketball Association) player, and Jeremy Lin, an NBA player who has been clearly and consistently represented in the media as bi-ethnic (Park, 2014; Su, 2014).
The effect of celebrity endorsers' perceived credibility on product purchase intention: The case of Singaporeans.
Emotional appeals, in which the physical attractiveness of celebrity endorsers or affective messages (peripheral cue) are used, are effective when the likelihood of elaboration is low.
In recent years, social media influencers have established themselves as potential endorsers by generating a range of buzzwords as compared to other marketing strategies (i.e., celebrity endorsement), and are deemed to be the most cost-efficient and -effective marketing trends (Harrison 2017; Patel 2016; Talaverna 2015).
"It is very important for a brand like Physiogel to have passionate and effective story-tellers as its brand endorsers! We are always looking for fresh and innovative ways to engage our consumers and I am delighted to launch our latest collaboration between Physiogel and its key influencers", said Ayeza.
T-Mobile , in partnership with its advertising agency Optimedia and national ad sales network Katz Radio Group, recruited the air personalities as "longtime endorsers" of the wireless communications brand.
The plea urges the court to pursue a treason case against the alleged endorsers of a coup.
'In this show I'll meet trend setters, celebrity endorsers and normal shoppers.'