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Synonyms for endorser

someone who expresses strong approval

a person who transfers his ownership interest in something by signing a check or negotiable security

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Vicki narrated how Scarlet became a Belo Medical Group endorser.
Some people said the chef surrendered to capitalism, but an OB official denied the speculation that it paid an excessive amount of money for using him as an endorser.
So beware, your insurance will give you almost no sleep at night when you are contemplating the retention of a celebrity endorser.
Hypothesis 2: People with a higher level of identification with a celebrity endorser will have more favorable attitudes toward (a) the celebrity endorser and (b) the endorsed political candidate than will people with a lower level of identification.
Echoing this popular believe, social media influencers as a brand endorser has grown more sought-after especially among new and small online businesses.
2) If there is a connection between the endorser and the marketer of the product that would affect how people evaluate the endorsement (a so-called "material connection"), and that consumers would not expect, it should be disclosed; and
In sum, this article examines the effects of CPE advertisements on young voters and explores whether the preference consistency of a recommended party moderates the effects of different celebrity endorser types based on the CLT mechanism.
Nicolau and Santa-Maria, 2013) A corporation's decision to employ a celebrity endorser arises from a tactical planning process goaded by previous and predicted future sales (celebrity spokespeople are an essential aspect of current advertising).
The data currently available for marketers who are looking to validate a major investment in an athlete endorser is limited, incomplete, and most important untimely.
The company's flagship product, the "Fan App[TM]" mobile device app, assists and enhances the marketing and public relations strategies for athletes, celebrities and other endorsers by aggregating all popular social networking tools for the endorser into one place; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Flickr, PhotoBucket, Pandora,YouTube, tumbler, and the like are all easily accessible through this handy single app, enabling the app user, or "Super Fan," to conveniently access information and communications for their favorite stars.
Researchers found when the endorser was much younger than the targeted consumer, the large difference in age made it difficult for female consumers to relate to them.
A good message can have real punch if the endorser is considered trustworthy; even more so if that person is well-known.
Recent studies in China tend to concentrate on the general effectiveness of celebrity endorsements, the ethical issues about celebrity endorsers, and the strategies of selecting an appropriate celebrity endorser.
Manila World boxing icon Manny Pacquiao will return to Manila on Monday as an undisputed hero, a strong political endorser, and a larger than life figure with millions of fans and funds, but politicians and analysts have sized him up as a "David" facing "Goliath" in his bid for a congressional seat in Sarangani province in southern Philippines.
Travel Business Review-10 February 2010-Absolute Poker Endorser Trishelle Cannatella Wins Championship(C)2010 ENPublishing - http://www.