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Synonyms for endorser

someone who expresses strong approval

a person who transfers his ownership interest in something by signing a check or negotiable security

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The use of an athlete endorser is meant to enhance the potential success of the initiative.
The way female athletes are being used as endorsers negatively impacts their effectiveness and reduces wider opportunities for other female athletes," Antil said.
The congruence between the findings seems to suggest that the popularity of a celebrity is the primary criterion that Chinese marketers and advertisers use to select a celebrity endorser.
Probably some endorsers will succeed whatever their background beliefs; what matters is that the frequency of success exceed what would be probable were background beliefs unreliable.
The link between the celebrity endorser and the tourism destination is therefore not that close.
Regardless of the marketing tactic used, for endorser effectiveness the ultimate criteria are attractiveness and trustworthiness.
FREDD, developed by Young and Rubicam Agency, is a helpful tool for assessing the best characteristics of a celebrity as a potential product endorser.
The thought of being recognized as an "industry leader" often leads to the person's actually improving and strengthening the testimonial--which is another advantage of writing the testimonial down and sending it to the endorser asking for permission.
For Endorsers, this new version includes the ability to personalize a brand endorsement with pictures and videos of the Endorser engaging with the brand.
Select endorsers will be working in combination with Kiel Mortgage employees, radio listeners and radio employees, on charitable causes which will focus on neighborhood improvement projects and Endorser's foundations.
Failure to comply with the Guides typically results in demands for "corrective action" by the FTC; however, under the Federal Trade Commission Act, violators may be subject to substantial fines based on the ability of the FTC to bring legal actions in federal district court if the alleged company or endorser refuses to take corrective action.
Finally, when endorser attractiveness is used as an argument (for a beauty-related product, for example), it hardly makes an impact on consumers who do not believe in improvement of their appearance, the authors concluded.
KAREENA Kapoor has beaten Katrina Kaif to emerge as the top woman brand endorser on TV during 2009, according to the latest TAM Adex data.
2)" According to the Guides, endoresements or testimonials must reflect the honest opinions, findings, beliefs or experiences of the endorser and may not contain any representations that would be deceptive, or could not be substantiated, if they were made directly by the advertiser (3).
40, the mag says: ``If Jessica Simpson is so dumb, then she's the dumbest person ever to find success as a singer, sex symbol, TV icon, celebrity beauty-product endorser and now film star.