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Synonyms for endorsement

Synonyms for endorsement

the approving of an action, especially when done by one in authority

an indication of commendation or approval

Synonyms for endorsement

a promotional statement (as found on the dust jackets of books)

a speech seconding a motion

a signature that validates something

the act of endorsing

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King's announcement Monday marked his return to the endorsement circuit; he sat out in 2012 despite being heavily courted by a number of candidates.
IMA's endorsement recognizes curricula that align with that level of expectation.
You may not realize it, but you have some options when dealing with endorsements on LinkedIn:
The Star offers a presidential endorsement, as well as "some" local school board, local city mayoral and tax issues, but most are statewide ballot issues.
To provide a sense of the magnitude of endorsement effects, Knight and Chiang feature a data table that shows the estimated influence in the top 20 newspapers during the 2000 presidential campaign.
A Look at 200+ Social Media Endorsements Reveals That Celebrity Messages Are More Cost-Effective Than Facebook Display Ads
This endorsement does not apply to violations resulting in criminal indictment or arising out of a criminal act, violations covered by other sections of the policy, or the expenses of those insured while participating in compliance reviews, audits or inspections.
Washington, May 23 (ANI): Political endorsements are usually inconsequential, according to an American political communications expert.
In New York, the mezzanine lender would require that a TIRSA Mezzanine Financing Endorsement be issued in connection with the owner's policy.
Powell's announcement of his endorsement of Obama on Sunday's "Meet the Press" program received a considerable amount of press coverage.
Religious Right activists wanted to test the law banning partisan endorsements.
Beginning with the standard coverage, consider that 20 years ago, when Insurance Services Office introduced additional insured endorsement CG2010 1185, coverage was provided for entities scheduled on the endorsement in connection with a specific project.
Legal concerns arise, however, when such use is perceived as giving official advice or providing a formal endorsement of a product or service related to the field or industry the association represents.
But the political fallout will endure for years, especially among gay men and lesbians in New York--and elsewhere--fuming at the Human Rights Campaign's endorsement of Republican incumbent Alfonse D'Amato over his Democratic challenger, Rep.