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Synonyms for endorsement

Synonyms for endorsement

the approving of an action, especially when done by one in authority

an indication of commendation or approval

Synonyms for endorsement

a promotional statement (as found on the dust jackets of books)

a speech seconding a motion

a signature that validates something

the act of endorsing

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(20.) As we estimate linear models, a day with four consistent GOP endorsements will reduce Obama's winning odds four times more (meaning by 4 x (0.188) than a day with only one consistent GOP endorsement, in the last specification of Table 7).
Under the MCS-90 endorsement, interstate motor carrier insurers are required to pay any final judgment "recovered against the insured for public liability" as a result of the negligent operation of any vehicle -- regardless of whether the involved vehicle is covered under the motor carrier's policy.
2016 ANA Presidential Endorsement Step by Step Process
(2) If there is a connection between the endorser and the marketer of the product that would affect how people evaluate the endorsement (a so-called "material connection"), and that consumers would not expect, it should be disclosed; and
"His endorsement, added to congressman Steve King's blessing, could be a game changer in Iowa."
The purpose of celebrity endorsement is to influence the response of individuals regarding the evaluation and consumption of products or services.
Funa said that it is now mandatory for all new applications for license of insurance adjusters to submit a favorable endorsement from APAC and PILA before they can practice in the Philippines.
Angara said he was 'deeply honored and grateful' by the endorsement, noting that the Senate was admired by the public for its independence, transparency, and sincerity under Sotto's leadership.
According to him, the endorsement of the group was an indication of the desperation of some people to give legitimacy to the candidacy of President Buhari in the South-West.
This sort of endorsement has a huge industry today.
Munich Re America has begun marketing a personal lines flood endorsement in the U.S.
The Daily Herald offered some help for making that choice with the endorsement we published on Feb.
Standard Explosion Endorsement: By attachment of this Endorsement on the Fire Insurance Policy, the Insurers and the Insureds mutually agree and declare that any Loss or Damage to the Property, which would have been caused by Fire or otherwise directly caused by Explosion, shall be deemed included within the ambit of the same Fire Insurance Policy.
The clash ensued when officials of the two parties agreed to start an endorsement program at LP's headquarters in Congo Town, suburb of Monrovia and later march to the CDC headquarters which is also in Congo Town as a public show of solidarity.