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Synonyms for endorse

Synonyms for endorse

Synonyms for endorse

give support or one's approval to

guarantee as meeting a certain standard

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sign as evidence of legal transfer


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2- It endorses the money stashed in shoe boxes, steel safes and others
* NA PAC endorses candidates that support MONA and its legislative and regulatory agenda
Judge Peart added, in light of such a legal change, the High Court was "not prepared to endorse" a photocopy of a warrant.
Airlines request airports not endorse the Registered Traveler program: ATA sent letters to the directors of the top 79 U.S.
With Guerriero at the helm and a new, more diverse board in place, the decision not to endorse Bush was not wholly unexpected, despite fears of repercussions from inside the GOP.
The Hill reported, "Jim Backlin, vice president of legislative affairs for the Christian Coalition, said passing the Jones bill would enable religious leaders to endorse candidates who support a federal marriage amendment.
1.6695-1(f)(2) permits a preparer-bank to process a refund check, provided the institution does not initially endorse the check, unless it has made a refund anticipation loan to the taxpayer.
For one, in many of the years covered, three of the top four newspapers, by circulation, did not endorse anyone for president--USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times consistently refuse to endorse presidential candidates.
A newfound interest in electoral politics has persuaded many environmental groups and their funders to take a look at fighters like LCV, which work strategically with the tax laws and employ an arsenal of separately purposed entities, including those that can legally endorse candidates, lobby--even contribute money to election campaigns.
The Salt Lake Tribune will again endorse political candidates in its editorial pages, a tactic the paper hasn't used since Nixon's presidency.
(1.) "Medicare Will Endorse Discount Programs, Giving Purchasing Power to Beneficiaries." Press release, HHS News, July 12, 2001.
Q: What are the legal considerations for a certification organization that wants to evaluate and endorse, for a fee, prep materials for its examination prepared and sold by other companies?
The CCCB explains that it does not endorse the feminist goals or interpretations of the terms "reproductive health" or "rights" but, needless to say, that non-endorsement is not in the literature which carries its name and those of the others as supporters.
At Cablevision, we don't endorse candidates though frequently we take positions on ballot issues in Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York City, and soon, in Westchester.
A year and a half ago, this issue roiled the membership, which voted overwhelmingly to oppose harsh immigration and population policies and instead to endorse a progressive approach toward population issues, which includes championing the empowerment of women, supporting reproductive health services, and addressing the root economic and political causes of migration.