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delicate connective tissue around individual nerve fibers in nerve

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Table 1 Nerve Injury Classifications Prognosis for Sunderland Spontaneous Seddon Grade Grade Structures Injured Recovery Neuropraxia 1 Myelin Full Axonotmesis 2 Myelin, Axons Functional 3 Myelin, Axons, Endoneurium Incomplete 4 Myelin, Axons, Endoneurium, None Perineurium Neurotmesis 5 Myelin, Axons, Endoneurium, None Perineurium, Epineurium Table 2 MRC Grades of Muscle Strength Grade Motor Function 0 No movement or contraction 1 Trace movement or fasciculations 2 Active motion with gravity eliminated 3 Active motion against gravity only 4 Active motion against some resistance 5 Full strength Table 3 Summary of Incidences of Lower Extremity Nerve Injuries Traumatic Iatrogenic Femoral Nerve Acetabulum THA overall: 0.
Furthermore, the endoneurium of perineurioma lacks an abundant mucinous matrix.
6) More recently, investigators have proposed that malignant cells invade and spread via potential spaces in the connective tissue planes of the perineurium and endoneurium without inciting an inflammatory response in the surrounding stroma or invading the nerve fibers themselves.
facial trochlear optic phrenic axon dendrite occipital hypoglossal frontal mandibular nasociliary ophthalmic tibial laryngeal hillock bouton median splanchnic hypogastric femoral genitofemoral plexus pudendal myelin trigeminal abducens oculomotor vagus glossopharyngeal vestibulocochlear accessory auricular maxillary lacrimal supraorbital ethmoidal peroneal endoneurium synapse ganglion antebrachial acetylcholine ramus iliohypogastric subcostal obturator ilioinguinal oligodendrocyte nerve astrocyte
2,3) Normal perineurial cells constitute the perineurium, a protective barrier situated between the epineurium and endoneurium layers of the nerves that surround both myelinated and unmyelinated axon-Schwann cell complexes of peripheral nerve fascicles.
Invasion of the endoneurium may follow, and the whole endoneurial zone may appear to be occupied by epitheloid cells with or without the presence of bacilli.
Each fiber or group of fibers is enveloped by endoneurium, a loose collagenous matrix that protects and nourishes each axon.