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round, fat, and heavy


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The Pearson Correlation Coefficients for endomorphy rating, mesomorphy rating, and ectomorphy rating were r= -0.
14) Endomorphy was calculated using the following formula: (-0.
Indeed, Cash notes that human embodiment psychologists' "theories and investigations have typically neglected boys and men" while their empirical efforts focus "more on the personal and cultural meanings of endomorphy and ectomorphy than on matters of mesomorphy" (2007, p.
phenotypic difference and similarity in terms of somatotype [body-type in terms of ectomorphy, endomorphy, and mesomorphy as well as the crude realization of differences in height and weight]
Some readers may remember his somatotypes, with ratings on the three dimensions of ectomorphy, mesomorphy, and endomorphy.
It also differs in that it focuses on (apparent) athletic constitution as such, rather than on a typology of constitutional traits (mesomorphy, endomorphy, ectomorphy, see Glueck and Glueck 1950: 183-97).
Additional calculated measures included: endomorphy (Endo), mesomorphy (Meso), and ectomorphy (Ecto) ratings, biacromialD/bi-iliacD ratio, wristD/ankleD ratio, elbowD /kneeD ratio, bicepsC/thighC ratio, and forearmC/calfC ratio.
The anthropometric Heath-Carter method of somatotyping was employed for the quantification of shape and composition of the human body, expressed in a three-number rating representing endomorphy (relative fatness), mesomorphy (relative musculoskeletal robustness), and ectomorphy (relative linearity or slenderness) [21].