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having a squat and fleshy build


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He suggested that female's physiques are much more endomorphics than that of males.
To determine whether mass media play a role in the tendency to derogate non-ideal bodies, one must examine the types of men that are over- and underrepresented in film and the ways in which ectomorphic, mesomorphic, and endomorphic characters are portrayed.
1977) who concluded that the pollen of Mutisioideae is diverse at the exo- and endomorphic levels.
These nine images ranged from ectomophorhic (thin) to endomorphic (large/fat).
The exhibition, housed in the gallery's project room, comprised thirty-six modestly sized collages and sculptures dated from 1962 to 1994, most depicting Hansen's favorite motif, a stylized and refreshingly endomorphic female figure he called Venus.
In addition, endomorphic and ectomorphic body types, which are common among dependant individuals, contribute to low energy thresholds and a lack of vigor, eliciting heightened concern and care from caretakers.
O1 would include a genetic predisposition and prenatal exposure to conditions that lead to an endomorphic physique.
We do know that the preference in society is toward mesomorphic (muscular) males, and there is an aversion toward endomorphic (fat) and ectomorphic (thin) males (Weinke, 1998).
Some categorize body type as "ectomorphic (thin), endomorphic (heavy) or mesomorphic (muscular).