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derived or originating internally

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The apparent conclusion here being that an increased demand for these nutrients is more evident within the population and subsequent interest in how to meet that demand, either exogenously with diet and supplementation or endogenously via support of the normal bacterial flora, has heightened.
The authors of this study specifically consider fixed debt, stationary leverage, and endogenously optimized leverage.
A number of studies suggest that whether given exogenously or produced endogenously H2S molecule attenuates ischaemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury.
This permits the model to endogenously determine the effect of managerial ownership (24).
sup][15],[16] Our previous research demonstrated that SO[sub]2 could be endogenously generated in vascular tissues from sulfur-containing amino acid metabolism through transamination, and it could regulate vascular activities.
We find that an agent with more concave utility increases risk-reducing effort if and only if current consumption exceeds an endogenously determined threshold, that is, if more risk reduction is "affordable.
Endogenously secreted oxytocin manifests its effects towards the end of pregnancy, during child birth and just after delivery.
The 100 per cent in-house developed 'Risk Engine' and endogenously made by Dubai Customs' human capital, is a smart system connected to multiple channels of resources streamlining data on Customs declarations of consignments and individuals as well.
The central element behind this link is enforcement capacity, which is endogenously determined by investments in enforcement infrastructure.
Obviously, when the rates of penetration and compliance for evacuation traffic and general traffic are endogenously determined, the reliability of evacuation traffic is improved compared to the situation where only the rates for general traffic are endogenously determined.
Liraglutide is endogenously metabolized without a specific organ as a major route of elimination.
Additionally, the increasing thickness of the endometrium may improve the implantation rate and improve pregnancy outcome, but it is not understood if the thickness increased in response to endogenously induced oestrogen or a direct effect of Klimadynon.
It prefers being an informed Stackelberg follower to being an uninformed simultaneous move Cournot player when the variance of the demand shock is high, and Stackelberg competition therefore arises endogenously.
FDA-approved autoanalyzers are commercially available and have well established and validated methods for testing the sex hormones produced endogenously.
Those from the field of sociology and political science will learn more about financial markets and ways in which social behavior impacts their function, and endogenously how markets impact social behavior.