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derived or originating internally

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Some authors have proposed that endogenous bioelectric currents of a wound may play an important role in attracting epithelial cells and, therefore, in closing the wound surface [13,34].
These compounds, although not considered endogenous to fruit, are important in the development of flavors in the tomato and cucumber.
DNA fingerprinting techniques provide excellent tools to address whether recurrent TB is caused by endogenous reactivation or exogenous reinfection.
The government is working on a plan to bring all basic industry into the state-run endogenous co-managed development model.
CYP26 inhibitors are expected to raise endogenous levels of both all-trans and 9-cis retinoic acid in cells expressing the enzyme and thereby activate both RAR and RXR nuclear receptor pathways in a cell- and tissue-specific fashion.
Depressive episodes in bipolar II disorder appear to differ in key respects from those in bipolar I and major depressive disorder: Cognitive features are more pronounced, and endogenous ones less so, Dr.
Two classes of porcine endogenous proviruses that can infect humans have been found.
One of the main themes of the review by Ruz and Lupianez is that attention capture can be modulated by endogenous processes.
Our data represent the first indirect evidence in people that decreasing endogenous ghrelin might diminish appetite," says Cummings.
The survey questionnaire, the Adult Student Experiences Survey, collected data regarding 12 endogenous variables and 13 exogenous variables pertaining to student background.
Endogenous estrogen levels at baseline and adiposity offer some dues as to who may need estrogen.
Yesterday's findings provide the best evidence yet that a member of an endogenous retrovirus family plays an important role in schizophrenia.
Stocks can produce two completely different kinds of returns: endogenous and exogenous.
The drop, from 19% to 16%, is concentrated in the endogenous half of that mortality, deaths in the first month associated with genetic weaknesses.
A clearly defined dichotomy exists in the business cycle literature between endogenous and exogenous cycles.