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of rocks formed or occurring beneath the surface of the earth


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Keywords: Ophiocordyceps sinensis; Endogenetic fungi; Identification; Metabolites
Therefore, endogenetic fungi of Chinese Cordyceps should also have the same or similar chemical constituents and pharmacological effects with its host (Chen et al.
2010b) reported that 572 strains of endogenetic fungi were isolated from natural Chinese Cordyceps.
This study would provide a useful reference for identification of endogenetic fungi and laid the foundation for finding the substitute of Chinese Cordyceps.
0, was used for the liquid-state fermentation of endogenetic fungi.
Six endogenetic fungi were selected for the investigation of GR from more than thirty isolates, and assigned as NS1-B, NS2-B1,NS2-B2,NS2-B3,NS2-B4 and NS2-Z, respectively.
Among of these six endogenetic fungi, the GR of the fungal strains NS1-B and NS2-B1 showed a trend of the slowly growing before they are quickly growing in 8th days.
On November 3, 1958, at the Crimean observatory, Kozyrev was observing a region on the surface of the Moon for the purpose of its detecting endogenetic activity.
Kozyrev's detection of endogenetic activity in the "dead" Moon has not received either due consideration or support in relation to his search for a "cold source" of the energy of the Earth and in stars.
An unusual feature of the Palitra pegmatite is that, unlike the majority of hyperagpaitic rocks and pegmatites, it contains no endogenetic carbonates or other minerals containing carbonate ions.