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Synonyms for endogamous

characterized by or fit for fertilization by pollen from another flower of the same kind

pertaining to or characterized by the custom of marrying only within the limits of a clan or tribe


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India consists of ethnically, geographically, and genetically diverse populations consisting of 4693 communities with several thousand endogamous groups, 325 functioning languages, and 25 scripts (17).
Sidney deploys his male status to argue for a traditionally endogamous aristocratic marriage to Elizabeth's cousin Dudley, while Mary Sidney Herbert uses her identification with her brother to empower her own authority as writer and politician in the service of the family alliance.
It is the key to both communal and religious life, yet it is often omitted from conversion curricula and is certainly never considered to be part of the preparation either for endogamous marriage or an intermarriage in which there is an intent to create a Jewish household.
One the one hand, this led Triestine authors to carve a niche for themselves in the panorama of Italian letters by creating, ex-nihilo, an endogamous discourse centered around the notion of triestinita.
Given the highly endogamous nature of the Pakistani society and its strong biraderi (clan) orientation (39-40), second cousin or more distant relationships may mistakenly be reported as first cousin, and disentangling reported family pedigrees requires greater training and time than are generally available to the PDHS field staff.
A century ago, records and oral history show them to have lived in named endogamous village clusters, which had a ritual and political function, growing rice or collecting and exchanging jungle products with immigrant peoples.
Marital type as reflected in ethnically endogamous and exogamous marriages can also be seen as a reflection of the extent of a wife and/or husband's level of ethnic-connectedness (Kalbach 2000, 2002; Richard 1991).
Caste was viewed as a ritualized body of customs, endogamous and hereditary, which circumscribed contacts and mobility by race.
As fur trade society became more endogamous, marriage rites evolved more toward European custom.
The reform of personal morality in accordance with Christian principles challenged Germanic customs, most notably endogamous marriages, which kept a kindred's property intact in an age of partible inheritance.
formed a named, predominantly endogamous social unit which represented the highest level of indigenous political organization, and the most inclusive social category recognized at the time ("ethnic identities," such as Luangan subgroup identities: Bentian, Benuaq etc.
While whiteness begets other, unacknowledged shades, its lineage is perpetuated through an endogamous practice overseen by the assiduous, and ever vigilant, white mother.
At that time, the Metis population had increased to the point where, as a people, they had become endogamous, no longer marrying into Indian bands to the same extent as in the past.
We are given information on the three endogamous groups within the Thakali: The Tamang Thakali (whose homeland is Thaksatsae), the Mawatan (the indigenous people of Marpha village), and the Yhulkasom Thakali (who originate from Thini, Syang and Cimang villages in Pacgaun).
Here the evidence suggests that French has a greater chance of intergenerational preservation in endogamous marriages (i.