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membrane lining the inside of the skull

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An ectopic and primarily extracranial meningioma without connection with either the foramen of a cranial nerve or the endocranium.
The cranial morphology of the Permo-Triassic anomodont Pristerodon buffaloensis with special reference to the neural endocranium and visceral arch skeleton.
The computer imaging technique also reconstructed a missing portion of the cranium based on a statistical analysis of the endocranium, or inner surface of the braincase.
According to the obtained anamnestic data, clinical and neurological examination (motor dysphasia), computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and functional magnetic resonance of the endocranium, a multicentric infiltrative tumorous change was diagnosed in the left frontoparietal region.
2 mm depth under the endocranium, and then the syringe was kept still for 5 min.