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the membrane that lines the cavities of the heart and forms part of the heart valves

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Patients who presented with severe myocardial dysfunction before the operation still displayed abnormal features, such as echo-dense papillary muscles or endocardium, in the most recent echocardiography follow-up.
The analysis included 26,917 ALS deaths, 115,262 Parkinson's disease deaths, and 158,618 chronic disease of the endocardium deaths (Table 2).
Furthermore, these bacteria have been isolated from fecal samples of children aged under five years and from other organs such as meninges, peritoneum and endocardium in adults.
The condition is associated with fibrosis of the endocardium (extending into the myocardium) of the right and left ventricles, involving predominantly the apices and inflow regions, resulting in impaired filling of one or both ventricles.
Infective endocarditis (IE) is diagnosed when there is an infection of the endocardium or the lining layer of the heart (Lester & Wilansky, 2007).
Contrast echocardiography may be applied to further define the trabeculations and endocardium for accurate measurement of the myocardial layers.
gordonii colonizes platelet-fibrin thrombi, blood-clotting agents, in damaged heart valves or the endocardium, leading to damage and dysfunction of the heart valves [25].
Melanocytic tumors can be found in any location where melanocytes and blasts are present in body such as skin, eyes, adrenal glands, meninges, endocardium and tunica intima of blood vessels (Brito et al.
Contractility can be evaluated qualitatively and quickly through the thickening of the endocardium to differentiate between normal and severe dysfunction.
SLE can affect cardiovascular system up to 40-50 percent of patients, including pericardium, myocardium, endocardium, cardiac valves, pulmonary arteries and coronary arteries.
Nevertheless, the technique is limited by its inability to define endocardium and poor visualization of the apex (5, 6).
Segmantation of endocardium in ultrasound images based on sparse representation over learned redundant dictionaries" Engineering Applications of Artifical Intelligence, 29: 201-210.
8) In contrast, the MEA in the bird heart is negative (approximately-90[degrees]), being oriented along the long axis of the body, and superior to the frontal plane (4) This difference can be explained by the depolarization wave of the ventricles that starts subepicardially and spreads through the myocardium to the endocardium in birds, whereas in dogs, depolarization of the ventricles begins subendocardial.
The mice in NAT and PRO groups exhibited a lesser immunoreactive area for CD40L when compared to the HL group, showing a preventive effect in inflammatory processes of the myocardium/ endocardium in isolated conditions.