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the property of being (or seeming to be) without end

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Conversations on Life, Loss, and Love" is a rare narrative of the beauty of life and the endlessness of love, all told from the perspective of intimate, humorous and poignant conversations between Charles Cooper and God.
For example, the stories or discussions from the children are heartfelt, endearing, and comical when the child becomes aware and concerned with "the endearing endlessness of numbers" within the concept of gaining understanding of the association between death and age.
Meanwhile, all the suffering that war brings resurfaces again and again in the documentary's pixels, cumulatively giving the impression of endlessness.
If we owe Moroder the sea change in pop music, we also owe him the endlessness, the ever-ascending and routinized repetition, that seems to power a crowd best.
Bikel gives us as dignified, as virtually heroic a Tevye as I have ever seen, a Father Courage with a heart that helps him tug his milk wagon through a circular journey that is all the more triumphant for its endlessness.
Underlining the endlessness of the time, Mqhayi uses an ideophone to strengthen the notion that the sentinel is looking over there for hours in a way of "sinking like a stone in the river".
I would like then, finally, to turn to Warhol's proto-structural films of the 1960s, which, in largely doing away with cross-cutting and thus with secondary identification, isolate primary identification--identification with the camera's look--in its insatiability, its endlessness (its boringness), and its essential perverseness.
Thus none of these elements seems to come within time's "bending sickle's compass," which substantiates on the level of visual meanings the scholar's belief in the endlessness of artistic achievement.
What is referred to as "the better dream of Lee and Jefferson" is always understood through the lens of "Edenic blends of endlessness and time" or the movement from "Eden to the New Jerusalem.
part of its endlessness who is always forward is necessarily
It took readers a while to switch from the expectation of an ending to endlessness.
Get betrayed by the fantasy of endlessness or by the fact of finitude" (31).
There is a dichotomy of endlessness and scarceness in New Mexico," says Jeff Andersen, artistic director of Albuquerque's Blackout Theatre.
Bells of rain carol fresh watery tunes about how lonely humans are here where the shadows of tree trunks stream into endlessness.