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(biochemistry) of a process accompanied by or requiring the absorption of energy

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However, the HAT mechanism is endergonic towards all other radicals (except for the *O[O.sup.-] scavenging activity of the analyzed molecules (J1-18) that is less thermodynamically preferred).
Turnover of the highest level of complex compounds allowed by the environment will occur when molecules are created through endergonic pathways.
Therefore, the reverse reaction is endergonic under standard conditions and will not proceed.
Furthermore, from the endergonic angle, the following several fracture modes, arranged in order of size, were observed: dimple fractures, which were represented by ductile fractures, absorbed the most energy; transcrystalline fractures and quasicleavage fractures, embodied by transcrystalline cracks and tearing ridges, respectively, absorbed the second most energy; the brittle intergranular fractures representative of intergranular cracks absorbed the least.
Mitochondria operate a sequence of energy conversion processes through which the exergonic flow of electrons along the respiratory complexes supports the endergonic pumping of protons from the matrix to the intermembrane space.
Lipogenesis is an endergonic reaction that requires energy for the formation of ATP from oxidation of substrates.